NCE Practice Test – Chapter 1 Questions and Answers

NCE Practice Test – Chapter 1 Questions Answers: The National Counselor Exam (NCE) Chapter 1 – Professional Practice and Ethics Practice Test is a valuable resource designed to help aspiring counselors prepare for the first content domain of the NCE. This practice test focuses on the essential knowledge and skills related to professional counseling orientation, ethical practice, and the legal aspects of the profession.

In this practice test, you can expect questions that cover topics such as:

  • The History and Evolution of the counseling profession
  • Major counseling theories and philosophies
  • Roles and functions of professional counselors
  • Professional organizations, credentialing, and licensing
  • Ethical standards, codes of conduct, and decision-making models
  • Confidentiality, informed consent, and boundaries in counseling relationships
  • Legal Issues and liability concerns in the Practice of counseling
  • Advocacy, social justice, and multicultural competence

NCE Practice Test – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Test

NCE Chapter 1 Practice test

National Counselor Examination (NCE) - Chapter 1 Practice test
Chapter 1 - Professional Practice and Ethics
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When counselors are unable to use encryption software while performing distance counseling, they are ethically required to

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Claudia is considering friending a client on Facebook to augment their counseling sessions. According to the ACA Code of Ethics, personal virtual relationships between counselors and former clients are

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An ethical principle that encourages counselors to actively promote the welfare of their clients is known as

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Libel is all of the following, EXCEPT

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A counselor who receives both a subpoena and a court order must

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Lamar is interested in joining a professional organization that fosters scholarship and excellence in the counseling profession. Which of the following organizations would be most suitable for him to join?

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The Association for Spiritual, Ethical, and Religious Values in Counseling (ASERVIC) began as an association for counselors who were

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NECA and NCDA are both professional associations devoted to the specialization of

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The most recently established division of ACA is

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The __________ is not a founding member of ACA.

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Kismari earned a master’s degree in a school counseling program and has three years of supervised work experience. In her work, she has helped students process bullying, handle family issues, and prepare for college applications. While this has been a common experience for her and her former classmates, the school counseling field

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By license, all __________ can prescribe medication to their clients.

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Shawna, a college sophomore, would like support with her inability to focus in class. She is most encouraged to work with which of the following types of counselor?

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The mental health practitioners who most commonly administer psychological testing are

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CRCC certifies the following type of counselor.

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Each of the following statements is correct EXCEPT

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When a client discloses that she has been a victim of elder abuse,counselors

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The Buckley Amendment is also known as the

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When working with an 8-year-old child in a nonschool setting, it is commonly necessary to obtain

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The American Counseling Association was originally named

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