OGET Practice Test 2024 (174) Study Guide Free PDF

OGET Practice Test 2024 (174) Study Guide Free PDF. OGET Oklahoma General Education Test (074) Practice Test Question Answers. Download a free Study Guide for online OGET test preparation. Check this guide provides a test overview and suggestions for study materials.

The Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) 2024 is designed to examine and assess competency in areas associated with general studies and education in liberal arts and sciences. The OGET is distinctive from many other examinations of this type in that critical thinking skills, as well as basic skills, are assessed.

The OGET has become the primary criterion for admission to teacher education programs. Since it is required for state certification, all teacher education students will have to take it for licensure. Now it can be also used for admission.

The Certification Examinations for Oklahoma Educators (CEOE) examinations are used by the State of Oklahoma in its teacher licensure program. There are three distinct categories of CEOE examinations: the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET); the Oklahoma Professional Teaching Examination (OPTE); and the Oklahoma Subject Area Tests (OSAT).

OGET Practice Test 2024

The following OGET Practice Test and Study Guide Free are available in PDF (printable) and DOC (editable) files. You can either download it or practice the free Oklahoma General Education Test online.

Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET) (174)

All educators must take the OGET exam the following OGET Practice Test will help you to make better exam preparation. The OGET exam is a computer-based test. The fee is $110 plus an additional $40 registration processing fee which is paid once per program year. The OGET comprises 100 selected response questions and one writing assignment, and the testing duration is four hours. The exam is scored on a scale from 100 to 300, and the passing score is 240.

Test Name OGET (Oklahoma General Education Test)
Official Test Code 174
Test Mode Computer-based test (CBT)
Subject Area I. Reading and Written Communication, II. Mathematics III. Information Literacy and Research IV. Applied Writing Skills
Question Type 100 multiple choice and 1 writing assignment
Total Duration Total 4 hours and 15 minutes:

  • 15 minutes for CBT tutorial and
  • 4 hours for online test
Minimum Passing Score 240
Test re-attempts after every 60 days from the last attempt
Test Fee $65
$25 CBT fee
$30 registration processing fee (paid once per program year, Sep 1–Aug 31)
Fee Payment Mode by card or check
Registration validity one year
Official Test Page Link ceoe.nesinc.com

The Reading and Communication Skills section 

  • Drama
  • Prose
  • Grammar
  • Verbs
  • Research

The Mathematics and Computation Skills section 

  • Distributive, associative, and commutative properties
  • Angles
  • Sample problems

The Liberal Studies: Science, Art, Literature and Social Sciences section

  • Science
  • Art
  • Literature
  • Social science

The Writing section 

  • Research techniques
  • Topic choice
  • Thesis
  • Argumentative writing
  • Logical fallacies

OGET Study Guide Free PDF

Due to the importance of OGET Practice Test 2020 good preparation, students should continue to be advised to pass courses in the general education core curriculum before taking the OGET or PPST. Students are provided with remediation if needed. Also, the subject matter competency course requirements in English, maths, sciences and social studies for early childhood, elementary, and special education students will continue to increase the general academic preparation of teacher education students.

The content of the OGET Practice Test is documented in the test framework (PDF), which consists of a set of competencies. The test framework for the OGET is available on the CEOE Web site at www.ceoe.nesinc.com.

Reference Materials Provided for This Test: Mathematics definitions and formulas are provided with your test. 
Review them now (PDF)

Official Test Preparation Materials including Videos and Tutorials, Test Preparation Worksheet,  Online interactive practice test: $29.95, and each official practice test is 100% aligned to test content and is designed to simulate the experience of taking the actual test. View Details

List of Reference Books

Reference Book



They Say/I Say Graff 9780393631678
College Algebra Abramson 9781938168383
Everything’s an Argument Lunsford 9781319085759
English 101: First-Year Composition Taylor 9780757555718
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation Straus 9781118785560
Elementary Geometry for College Students Alexander 9781285195698
100% Information Literacy Success Wilson 9781285430041
Introduction to Information Literacy for Students Blackwell 9781119054757
Reading and Writing in Freshman English II Wilson 9780692296844
English Composition and Grammar Warriner 9780153117367

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