Real Estate License Exam Practice Test 2024 With Study Guide

Real Estate License Exam Practice Test 2024 With Study Guide: Louisiana, Florida, California, New York, Texas, etc. Study Guide to Passing the Salesperson Real Estate License Exam Effortlessly. This will help you prepare for your Real Estate License Exam.

Several exams assess the knowledge and application of national real estate laws and practices. This page is appropriate for use in all 50 states and is designed to help candidates prepare for this critical exam.

Real Estate License Practice Test 2024

Using any combination of the previously mentioned study strategies to help you pass the state exam is worthwhile. Practice tests and quizzes are also valuable study aids. One of the greatest benefits of practice tests and quizzes is that they serve one purpose before they are taken and a completely different purpose after they are taken. This dual-purpose result makes this strategy important when trying to pass the state exam.

The first purpose of a practice exam is to test your knowledge in the real estate field, either as a whole or by section. This is accomplished by asking general questions and grading your answers as you should expect from an exam.

Real Estate License Exam 2024

In most states, you must pass an exam to become a real estate salesperson. However, the specific exam you must take depends on the state where you want to become licensed. If you aren’t sure which real estate exam you need to take, contact the real estate commission in the state where you wish to be licensed for detailed information on their specific licensing requirements.

Some states, such as California, administer their examination for prospective real estate licensees. Other states use the services of an independent testing company. 

PSI Real Estate Sales Exam

  1. Agency Relationships and Contracts 28
  2. Real Property Ownership/Interest 14
  3. Finance 15
  4. Real Property 14
  5. Marketing Regulations (purchase and rental) 8
  6. Property Management 8
  7. Real Estate Calculations 13
    Total Questions 80

AMP Real Estate License Exam

  1. Listing Property= 22
  2. Selling Property= 20
  3. Property Management= 9
  4. Settlement/Transfer of Ownership= 13
  5. Financing= 21
  6. Professional Responsibilities/Fair Practice/Administration= 15
    Total Questions= 100

Experior Real Estate License Exam

  1. Business Practices and Ethics= 15
  2. Agency and Listing= 15
  3. Property Characteristics, Descriptions, Ownership, Interests, and Restrictions= 15
  4. Property Valuation and the Appraisal Process= 10
  5. Real Estate Sales Contracts= 15
  6. Financing Sources =10
  7. Property Management= 5
  8. Closing/Settlement and Transferring Title= 15
    Total Questions 100

Promissor Real Estate License Exam

  1. Real Property Characteristics, Definitions, Ownership, Restrictions, and Transfer= 16
  2. Assessing and Explaining Property Valuation and the Appraisal Process= 12
  3. Contracts, Agency Relationships with Buyers and Sellers, and Federal Requirements= 20
  4. Financing the Transaction and Settlement= 20
  5. Leases, Rents, and Property Management= 12
    Total Questions 80

LearningExpress Real Estate Sales Exam

  1. Financing =13
  2. Settlement/Transfer of Property =13
  3. Property Management= 13
  4. Property Valuations/Appraisal= 13
  5. Property Characteristics= 13
  6. Business Practices= 12
  7. Contracts/Agency Relationship= 13
  8. Mathematics= 10
    Total Questions 100
Why Real Estate as a Career?

A real estate salesperson works for and is supervised by the representative broker. The salesperson acts as the representative broker’s agent. Although perhaps negotiated by a salesperson, all listings are accepted by the representative broker.

The career of a licensed real estate professional has dramatically expanded over the last few years and offers one of the most comprehensive career selections in today’s business world. Helping clients buy and sell residential homes, investment properties, commercial buildings, property management, home inspection, and appraisals are just a few of a career in real estate.

Career Benefits

As a real estate professional, your actions help distinguish someone relocating to a new city, staying in the area, or a child growing up in a small bungalow versus playing on a farm. The effect of a real estate professional on his or her client’s life can be immeasurable.

Real Estate License Exam Study Guide Free

Passing the state licensing exam on the first attempt is the dream of all students as they enter the testing facility. The outcome was determined long before any student stepped foot in the testing facility. Understanding how to study most efficiently, realizing how the questions are written, and creating successful study habits can determine the outcome before you even take the exam.

Always do the end-of-chapter questions, exercises, and homework immediately after reading the material. This produces the best results because the information is fresh in your mind and readily available. Of course, you also should check your answers against the answer key to see what you’ve retained and what you need to study more to get a good, quantifiable answer for each practice exam or quiz.

Remember, most state exams require 70 to 75 percent passing. Using these practice questions as a benchmark for those scores is a good measure of your comprehension of the material.

If you find that your practice exams or quizzes are not at or above the state’s required passing rate, you should study more. It also would benefit you to notify your instructor immediately so he or she can help you create a study plan. Don’t wait until the last day or two to schedule office hours and claim you’re having trouble comprehending the material. Remember, your instructor wants to see you pass the exam and become successful just as much as you do. Furthermore, he or she has all the information at their fingertips you need to pass the course and state exam. Waiting until near the end of your coursework is the wrong time to start seeking help

Due to the length of this Real Estate Glossary, we have included it as a link below. Please understand these are general real estate terms used in almost every state.

This is here for review purposes and references only.

You may also download a PDF version here:

Testing companies

Four of the most commonly used independent testing companies and their contact information are listed below.

8310 Neiman Road
Lenexa, KS 66214
800-345-6559 or 913-541-0400

1360 Energy Park Drive
St. Paul, MN 55108

3 Bala Plaza West, Suite 300
Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004-3481

100 West Broadway, Suite 1100
Glendale, CA 91210-1202
800-RE-EXAMS (800-733-9267)