ACT Math Practice Test and Review Question Answers 2022

ACT Math Practice Test and Review Question Answers 2022: Download free printable act full math practice test pdf worksheet for better ACT exam preparation.

ACT Math Practice Test 2022

Test Mode CBT and Pen Paper Based
Official Authority ACT® inc
Knowledge tested in Math algebra, geometry, and trigonometry
Type of Question Multiple Choice
Number of choices Five (5)
Total Question (MCQ) 60
Total time duration 60 minutes (1 hour)
Countries / regions Worldwide
Test Languages English
Official Website

ACT Math Test and Review Question 2021

ACT Math Practice Review Question

The ACT Mathematics Test is a 60-question, 60-minute test designed to test your knowledge of pre-algebra, elementary algebra, intermediate algebra, coordinate geometry, plane geometry, and trigonometry.

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The test presents multiple-choice questions that require you to use reasoning skills to solve practical problems in mathematics. Most questions are discrete, but on occasion some may belong to sets of several questions (e.g., several questions based on the same graph or chart).

Knowledge of basic formulas and computational skills are assumed as background for the problems, but recall of complex formulas and extensive computation is not required. The material covered on the test emphasizes the
major content areas that are prerequisites to successful performance in entry-level courses in college mathematics.

Our ACT Math Practice Test set question is multiple-choice, although, unlike the English test, there are five possible choices for each question. While you will have to know basic formulas and computations for the ACT Math Practice Test, you will not be expected to remember more complex ones—they will be provided for you along with the question.

You are permitted to use a calculator on our ACT Math Practice Test, though a calculator is not required. See for details about prohibited models and features for the final ACT Math test.

ACT Math Test Content

1. Higher Mathematics (57–60%)

• Number and Quantity (7–10%): Demonstrate knowledge of real and complex number systems. Reason with numerical quantities in many forms, including expressions with integer and rational exponents, and vectors and matrices.

• Algebra (12–15%): Solve, graph, and model multiple types of expressions. Interpret and use many different kinds of equations, such as linear, polynomial, radical, and exponential relationships. Find solutions to systems of equations, even when represented by a simple matrix equation, and apply results to real-world contexts.

• Functions (12–15%): Demonstrate knowledge of function: definition, notation, representation, and application. Use functions including linear, radical, piecewise, polynomial, and logarithmic. Manipulate and translate functions, as well as interpret and use important features of graphs.

• Geometry (12–15%): Coordinate Geometry questions focus on graphing and the relations between equations and graphs, including points, lines, polynomials, circles, and other curves; graphing inequalities; slope; parallel and perpendicular lines; distance; midpoints; and conics

• Statistics and Probability (8–12%): Describe center and spread of distributions. Apply and analyze data collection methods. Understand and model relationships in bivariate data. Calculate probabilities by recognizing the related sample spaces

2. Integrating Essential Skills (40–43%)

This category focuses on measuring how well you can synthesize and apply your understandings and skills to solve more complex problems. The questions ask you to address concepts such as rates and percentages; proportional
relationships; area, surface area, and volume; average and median; and expressing numbers in different ways.

Solve non-routine problems that involve combining skills in chains of steps; applying skills in varied contexts; understanding connections; and demonstrating fluency.

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