COBIT 5 Foundation Exam Question and Answers PDF 2022

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COBIT 5 Foundation Exam

Test Name COBIT 5 Foundation Exam
Official Authority ISACA
Test Category COBIT 5 Practice Test
Question Type Sample Multiple Question
Available Printable PDF YES (Download link is given below)
Total Question (MCQs) 10
Available of Answers YES
Topics covered Framework Introduction

COBIT 5 Sample Question Answers on Framework Introduction

1. COBIT 5 Framework comes under which of the following category?
🔘 A. Governance 🔘 B. IT Service Management
🔘 C. Architectures 🔘 D. HR Management
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Answer:  Governance
2. COBIT framework is based on which of the following principles
🔘 A. Integrator Framework 🔘 B. Stakeholder Value-driven
🔘 C. Business and Context Focus 🔘 D. Enabler Based
🔘 E. Governance and Management 🔘 F. All of them
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Answer: F. All of them
3. By creating a  _______ the COBIT framework that can assist the enterprise to the Governance of Enterprise IT?
🔘 A. Ensure Resource Optimization 🔘 B. Holistic Approach
🔘 C. Managing Information 🔘 D. Managing IT Operations
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Answer: B Holistic Approach
4. Which of the following different frameworks ntegrateted with COBIT 5 to provide guidance and assistance to enterprises.
🔘 A. ITAF & BMIS 🔘 B.  Val IT
🔘 C. Risk IT 🔘 D.  All of them

BMIS: Business Model for Information Security
ITAF: IT Assurance Framework

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Answer: D.  All of them
5. Enterprises exist to create value for their stakeholders, what is the meaning of “value creation”
🔘 A. Benefits Realisiation 🔘 B. Resource optimisation
🔘 C. Risk optimisation 🔘 D. All of them
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Answer:  D. All of them
6. According to the COBIT 5 Framework “Business and Context Focus” means
🔘 A. Focussing on enterprise goals and objectives 🔘 B. Focussing on enterprise resources
🔘 C. Focussing on enterprise governance 🔘 D. All of them
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Answer: A. Focussing on enterprise goals and objectives 
7. According to the governance roles, activities and relationships its defines
🔘 A. who is involved in governance 🔘 B. how they are involved
🔘 C. what they do 🔘 D. all of them
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Answer:  D
8. Governance Enablers of an enterprise is connected with which of the of the following aspects?
🔘 A. Benefits Realisiation 🔘 B. Value of an enterprise
🔘 C. Stakeholder 🔘 D. Resource Management
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Answer:  D. Resource Management
9.  In COBIT 5 (Roles, Activities and Relationship), what are the “clear differentiation is made” between
🔘 A. Governance and Management activities 🔘 B. Governance Enablers and Scope
🔘 C.  Tangible and intangible asset 🔘 D. Enterprise principles and structure
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Answer:A. Governance and Management activities 
10. Which item describes a key component of a Governance System?
🔘 A. Identifying responsibilities for governance 🔘 B. Ensuring compliance with regulations
🔘 C. Setting the Governance Framework 🔘 D. all of them
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Answer: C Setting the Governance Framework  

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