IAHCSMM CRCST Practice Test – Chapter 5 [UPDATED 2024]

IAHCSMM CRCST Practice Test – Chapter 5 Questions Answers [UPDATED 2024]: Chapter 5 of the IAHCSMM CRCST Practice Test consists of multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that assess the test taker’s knowledge of various sterilization methods, including steam sterilization, ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization, and hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization. T

The questions cover topics such as the principles of sterilization, the factors that affect sterilization effectiveness, the different types of sterilization equipment, and the appropriate use and maintenance of sterilization equipment.

CRCST Practice Test – Chapter 5

The MCQs in this chapter are designed to assess the test-taker’s ability to apply their knowledge of sterilization principles and equipment in a practical setting. This chapter is an essential part of the IAHCSMM CRCST Practice Test for individuals seeking certification as a Central Service Technician (CRCST) and is crucial for anyone working in a healthcare setting where sterilization is required.

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CRCST Practice Test - Chapter 5

CRCST Practice Test - Chapter 5
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What is the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN)?

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What is the primary mission of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)?

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Which AAMI document became one of the most widely used documents in Central Service (CS) departments?

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What are technical information reports (TIR)?

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What is the purpose of the Occupational Safety and Health Act's general duty clause?

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Which government agency is responsible for regulating workplace safety and health in the US?

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What label information must all EPA-approved disinfectant and sanitizer products contain?

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Which of the following acts regulates pesticide safety and effectiveness?

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What is the primary role and responsibility of OSHA?

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What did the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments establish?

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What must disinfectant and sanitizer manufacturers do to obtain an EPA registration number for every covered product?

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What does FIFRA regulate?

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What are the two acts administered by the APA that are important to CS technicians?

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What is the purpose of the US Department of Transportation?

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Who must obtain and comply with the FDA's 510k directives to reprocess single-use devices?

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What is the purpose of the CDC's guideline on disinfection and sterilization in healthcare facilities?

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Who is responsible for providing adequate labeling for medical devices for reprocessing?

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What is the main purpose of the FDA's document on reusable medical devices for reprocessing?

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What are voluntary standards?

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Why is it important for central service professionals to be familiar with regulations and standards?

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What is the difference between regulations, voluntary standards, and regulatory standards?

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What is the role of the US Food and Drug Administration?

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What are class 1 medical devices?

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