EOC Biology Practice Test #3

EOC Biology Practice Test #3 Review Questions Answers: This free test aimed at preparing students for their final biology exams. This practice test is specifically tailored for high school students who have completed a year-long biology course, providing them with an opportunity to gauge their understanding of key concepts, principles, and processes that they have learned throughout the course.

The practice test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, encompassing a wide range of topics in biology, including cell biology, genetics, evolution, ecology, and physiology. Each question has been carefully crafted by experienced educators to ensure alignment with state and national curriculum standards.

EOC Biology Practice Test #3

Practice Test #3

EOC Biology Practice Test #3

EOC Biology Practice Test #3
Total Items: 40
Time Limit: 60 minutes
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In pea plants, the allele for white flowers is recessive to the allele for purple flowers. In a generation of pea plants, 89 plants produced purple flowers and 31 plants produced white flowers. Which of the following is the best conclusion you can make about the parent plants of this generation?

When an organism has more than 10 fingers or toes, the condition is known as polydactylism. Although polydactylism is rare, it is a dominant trait. If two cats that are heterozygous for polydactylism mate and have a litter with a total of 12 kittens, how many of them would you expect to have more than 10 fingers or toes

The allele for brown eyes is dominant to the allele for blue eyes. Which of the following best explains how two brown-­‐eyed parents could produce a blue-­‐eyed child?

Some organisms are able to reproduce asexually through mitosis, while cells of organisms that reproduce sexually will undergo meiosis to produce gametes. Which process do you predict would be most beneficial to a species during a drastic change in environmental conditions?

Which of the following best describes how the process of crossing over during meiosis leads to an increase in genetic diversity?

Which of the following best explains why meiosis results in greater genetic diversity than mitosis?

Which of the following best compares the processes of mitosis and meiosis?

Which equation describes what happens in photosynthesis?

What are the reactants for cellular respiration?

Oxygen is a product of photosynthesis. The primary role of this oxygen in cellular respiration is to

Which of the following best compares the membranes found in different types of cells?

Which of the following best compares the structures found in plant cells and animal cells?

Which statement best compares a eukaryote and a prokaryote?

Which of the following characteristics defines a cell as a eukaryote?

Early elements of the cell theory followed soon after the development of Hooke's light microscope. What does this relationship suggest about the evolution of the cell theory since Hooke?

Which of the following best summarizes why the technological invention of microscopes was important to biology?

Some proteins catalyze biochemical reactions. If a genetic defect prevented a protein catalyst from being produced, which of the following do you predict would happen in the cell?

Which of the following best describes the difference between the functions of nucleic acids and enzymes?

Which of the following best compares the structures of lipids and carbohydrates?

A variety of organic molecules have been found in meteorites that have landed on Earth, including individual amino acids and lipid molecules. To date, however, no microspheres have been found on these meteorites. Why is it unlikely that microspheres will ever be found on a meteorite even though lipids can form in them?

Assume a group of scientists has managed to set up an experiment simulating the conditions of early Earth that resulted in a cell with DNA using RNA to produce proteins from amino acids as modern cells do. What conclusion could they draw from this experiment?

In which of the following circumstances would it be most likely for large organic molecules to form during a laboratory experiment?

Water has a much higher specific heat than most other covalent compounds. What do you predict might happen if water had a low specific heat instead?

Which of the following best describes a result of the polar nature of water molecules?

To help patients replenish bodily fluids quickly during an illness, doctors need to understand how cells behave in their environment. Doctors have confidence in what they know about how cells behave because

Scientific law and a scientific theory are similar in that both

A student is conducting an investigation to determine the effect of temperature on the metabolism of yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). Yeast and sugar are added to water, the gas produced is captured, and its volume is recorded. Which variables should be held constant during this investigation?

Based on your knowledge of scientific investigations, which stage of scientific investigation did the invention of the microscope significantly advance?

If a company claims that its product has been proven scientifically, which of the following should have taken place if the results are to be considered reliable?

Many insects, such as mosquitoes and dragonflies, spend their juvenile stage as aquatic larvae before becoming winged and airborne adults. Most years, these insects are extremely abundant in the Arctic tundra in summer. What might account for this?

Which of the following describes how the amount of energy changes as it flows from one trophic level to the next in the marine food web shown below?

Which of the following correctly traces the energy transfer through the trophic levels in the marine food web shown below?

Which of the following best explains the difference in the amount of energy available in each tropic level of this food web?

A cell is replicating its DNA. Part of the DNA strand reads A-­‐C-­‐C-­‐G-­‐T-­‐A-­‐C. The new strand built off this section reads T-­‐G-­‐G-­‐A-­‐A-­‐T-­‐G. What effect might this have when the DNA replicates in the future?

A codon is a sequence of three nucleotides that code for an amino acid. If the DNA sequence shown here goes through transcription and translation, how many amino acids will result from this sequence?

Why do cells need both tRNA and mRNA

If a snake species were introduced to an ecosystem where it had no natural predators, what long-­‐term effect do you predict the snakes would have on the population dynamics of the ecosystem?

Which of the following describes how an abiotic factor can impact the population dynamics in an ecosystem?

Rainbow trout need at least 6.0 mg/L of dissolved oxygen to survive. Biologists are trying to reestablish rainbow trout in a mountain stream but the stream only has 5.5 mg/L of dissolved oxygen. Which of the following would be the most useful to encourage the development of the rainbow trout population?

A population of rodents becomes stranded on a remote island. Eventually, the population reaches the island’s carrying capacity. At this point, the birth and death rates are

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