Journeyman Electrician Exam Practice Test – 35 Minutes Time Limit

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Journeyman Electrician Exam Practice Test Timed

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Journeyman Electrician Practice Test (Time Limit)

Journeyman Electrician Practice Test Online Test 
Total Items: 35
Time Limit: 35 minutes
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Q35. A 120/240-volt, single-phase service entrance has (2) 1/0 AWG copper ungrounded conductors and one grounded conductor. What is the minimum size of the grounding electrode conductor required?

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Q34. Disregarding special conditions or occupancies, a building or other structure that a branch circuit or feeder serves on the load side of a service disconnecting means shall be supplied by ____________.

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Q33. Which 120-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere dwelling branch circuits, supplying outlets or devices, shall be protected by an AFCI device?

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Q32. What size supply cord is required to supply a mobile home with a 220-VA 120-v heater, 220-VA 120-v exhaust fan, a 400-VA, 120-v dishwasher, and a 6,000-W electric range?

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Q31. Nonmetallic-sheathed cable shall be supported and secured by staples, or other means, at intervals not exceeding ________ and within _________ of every cable entry into enclosures such as outlet boxes, junction boxes, cabinets, or fittings.

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Q30. Except for equipment specifically listed for operation at 100 percent of its rating, where a branch circuit supplies continuous loads or any combination of continuous and noncontinuous loads, the rating of the overcurrent device shall not be less than the noncontinuous load plus ________ of the continuous load.

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Q29. In a dwelling unit, receptacles installed within 3 feet of a water heater must be protected by a GFCI receptacle.

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Q28. Conductors that supply one or more welders shall be protected by an overcurrent device rated or set at not more than:

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Q27. A single-family dwelling has a Single-Phase 125-ampere sub-panel in the garage with a main breaker in it rated at 125-amperes. What size equipment grounding conductor shall be used to feed the sub-panel?

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Q26. Copper conductors, for each phase, polarity, neutral, or grounded circuit shall be permitted to be connected in parallel (electrically joined at both ends) only in sizes __________ where installed in other than exempt control circuits.

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Q25. A Single-Phase, 3-wire 240-volt service has (2) 2/0 THHN (copper) ungrounded service entrance conductors, what is the minimum size grounding electrode conductor that must be installed?

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Q24. An incandescent lamp for general use on lighting branch circuits shall not be equipped with a medium base if rating over ___________, or with a mogul base if rated over ____________.

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Q23. The service conductors between the terminals of the service equipment and a point usually outside the building, clear of building walls, where joined by tap or splice to the service drop or overhead service conductors – is defined as what?

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Q22. When calculating a service load, a load of not less than ________ volt-amperes shall be included for each 2-wire laundry branch circuit installed.

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Q21. A single-family dwelling out in the country has a floor area of 1500 square feet, with no garage. Appliances are a 10-kW range and a 6-kW, 240-volt dryer. There are no heating or air conditioning loads, nor a dishwasher or garbage disposal. Using the Standard Method, calculate the minimum size feeder required for this dwelling.

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Q20. The total cross-sectional area of 100 feet run of 2 inch EMT conduit is 3.356 square inches, and has 6 12 AWG conductors inside it. What is the total area allowed to be taken up by all conductors in this conduit, regardless of quantity?

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Q19. At all points where the armor of ________ terminates, a fitting shall be provided to protect wires from abrasion, unless the design of the outlet boxes or fittings is such as to afford equal protection, and in addition, an insulating bushing or its equivalent protection shall be provided between the conductors and the armor.

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Q18. Heat-resistant thermoplastic insulation covering 8 AWG conductors are listed for use in ________ and ______ locations?

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Q17. What is the allowable ampacity for a flexible Type-SO cord with 3 current-carrying conductors?

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Q16. What is the maximum allowed 1/0 AWG THHN conductors can fit in a 1 ½” EMT conduit?

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Q15. An intersystem bonding termination for connecting intersystem bonding conductors shall be provided _________ enclosures at the service equipment or metering equipment enclosures and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures.

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Q14. Type SE service-entrance cable shall be permitted for use where the insulated conductors are used for circuit wiring and the uninsulated conductor is used only for equipment grounding purposes – without considering exceptions.

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Q13. A branch-circuit overcurrent protective device is a device capable of providing protection for service, feeder, and branch circuits and equipment over the full range of over-currents between its _______ and its ________.

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Q12. Splicing of the wire-type grounding electrode conductor shall be permitted only by irreversible compression-type connectors listed as grounding and bonding equipment or by:

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Q11. A 4 inch x 2 1/8 inch metal square box, having a minimum volume of 30.3 cubic inches, shall be allowed to have no more than _______ 12 AWG conductors in it.

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Q10. Screws used for the purpose of attaching receptacles to a box shall be of the type provided with a listed receptacle, or shall be machine screws having __________ or part of listed assemblies or systems, in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Q9. Ceiling outlets shall be required to support a luminaire weighing a minimum of ________. A luminaire that weighs more than ________ shall be supported independently of the outlet box, unless the outlet box is listed for not less than the weight to be supported.

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Q8. FMC shall not be used in the following:

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Q7. Feeder conductors shall be tapped, without overcurrent protection at the tap if:

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Q6. In damp locations (not wet locations) a flush-mounted switch or circuit breaker shall not be required to be equipped with a weather-proof cover.

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Q1. In a trench below 2 inches thick concrete or equivalent, conductors installed in Ridgid Metal Conduit must be buried below a minimum of:

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Q2. Underground raceways and cable assemblies entering a hand-hole enclosure shall extend into the enclosure, but they shall not be required to be mechanically connected to the enclosure.

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Q3. Multi-wire branch circuits shall supply only ___________________.

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Q4. The connection of a grounding electrode conductor or bonding jumper to a grounding electrode shall be made in a manner that will:

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Q5. Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection for personnel shall be installed in the branch circuit supplying luminaires operating at:

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