OAT General Chemistry Practice Test 2024

OAT General Chemistry Practice Test 2024 Question Answers: Try our free Optometry Admission Test (OAT) General Chemistry online quiz for better OAT test prep. Biology is a topic area integral to mastery of the Survey of Natural Sciences portion of the OAT.

While it is not the predominant science in the section, general chemistry does account for 30% of the Survey and is very important to a competitive score. Bolded vocabulary terms are concepts of great importance in the General Chemistry section, but in addition to those terms, there are equations given within the text. These equations will be tested on the OAT,

General chemistry is an important subject for the OAT, not only because it is the main focus for an entire subtest, but also because a strong general chemistry foundation makes learning organic chemistry, which provides the basis for an entire additional subtest of the Optometry Admission Test.

OAT General Chemistry Practice Test 2024

General Chemistry questions cover stoichiometry; gases, liquids, and solids; solutions; acids and bases; equilibria; thermochemistry; kinetics; redox reactions; atomic and molecular structure; periodic properties; nuclear reactions; and laboratory techniques.

The General Chemistry subtest of the Survey of Natural Sciences contains questions 41–70 and occurs after the Biology subtest but before the Organic Chemistry subtest. Like the other questions in the Survey of Natural Sciences.

Test Name OAT Practice Test 2024
Test Purpose Admission into optometry schools
Subject Survey of Natural Sciences
Sub Test General Chemistry
Sample Questions 35
Time Limit N/A

OAT General Chemistry Test