OAT Physics Practice Test 2024

OAT Physics Practice Test 2024 Questions and Answers. Try our free Optometry Admission Test (OAT) Physics online quiz for better OAT test prep. The Physics section of the OAT requires strong knowledge of testable concepts and equations, as well as strategic testing skills.

The Physics Practice Test is devoted entirely to content relevant to this section of the OAT exam. What it tests: Units and Vectors, Linear Kinematics, Statics, Dynamics, Rotational Motion, Energy and Momentum, Simple Harmonic Motion, Waves, Fluid Statics, Thermal Energy and Thermodynamics, Electrostatics, D.C. Circuits, and Optics.

OAT Physics Practice Test

Physics averages 75 seconds per question, but different question types use less or more time depending on the level of calculation required.

Test Name OAT Practice Test 2024
Test Purpose Admission into optometry schools
Subject Physics
Sub Test Physics
Sample Questions 40
Time Limit N/A

OAT Physics Test