TSI Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide (PDF)

TSI Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide (PDF)Texas Success Initiative Assessment Exam Prep Online. Try our free TSI Exam Practice Test (reading, writing, and mathematics) online quiz.

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment is better known as the TSI test. It is part of the Texas Success Initiative program designed to help your college or university determine if you are ready for college-level coursework in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. The TSIA, or one of its exemptions, has been required of Texas students entering a Texas college or university for nearly ten years. The TSIA is administered through the College Board’s Accuplacer digital platform. Universities, community colleges, school districts, and high school campuses can request to administer the TSIA to students.

TSI Practice Test 2024

TSI is made up of three different assessments—reading, writing, and mathematics. Each assessment is taken and scored separately, but all are mandatory parts of the entire test. All incoming college students in the State Of Texas are required to take the TSI unless they have already met certain criteria, which include the following:

The student has met the minimum college readiness standard on the ACT, SAT, or another statewide test. The student has already successfully completed college-level mathematics and English courses.

  • The student is not seeking a degree.
  • The student has been or is currently enlisted in the military.
  • The student has enrolled in a Level-One certificate program (with fewer than forty-three semester credit hours).

TSI Exam Content

The TSI assesses reading comprehension, writing, and mathematical skills. The questions are aligned with the Texas College and Career Readiness Standards, and gauge your readiness to tackle college-level coursework. Because the test is computer-adaptive, you will encounter more difficult topics as you continue to correctly answer questions on the test.

#1 Mathematics: 20 questions

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Mathematics and Statistics test contains questions that measure proficiency in four content areas. The four content areas are as follows:

  1. Elementary Algebra and Functions (Linear equations, inequalities, and systems, Algebraic expressions and equations, Word problems and applications)
  2. Intermediate Algebra and Functions (Quadratic and other polynomial expressions, equations, and functions, Expressions, equations and functions involving powers, roots and radicals, rational and exponential expressions, equations and functions)
  3. Geometry and Measurement (Plane geometry, Transformations and symmetry, Linear, area and three-dimensional measurements)
  4. Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (Interpreting categorical and quantitative data,  Statistical measures, Probabilistic reasoning)

#2 Reading: 24 questions

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Reading test contains questions that measure proficiency in four content areas. The four content areas are as follows:

  1. Literary analysis (Identifying and analyzing ideas in and elements of literary texts)
  2. Main Idea and Supporting Details (Identifying the main idea of a passage, Comprehending explicit textual information in a
  3. Inferences in a Text or Text (Synthesizing ideas by making a connection or comparison between two passages, Making an appropriate inference about single passages)
  4. Author’s Use of Language  (Identifying an author’s purpose, tone, and organization or rhetorical strategies and use of
    evidence, Determining the meaning of words in context)

#3 Writing (multiple choice questions): 20 questions

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Writing test contains questions that measure proficiency in four content areas. The four content areas are as follows:

  1. Essay Revision (Coherence, organization and word choice, Rhetorical effectiveness and use of evidence)
  2. Agreement (Subject-verb agreement, Pronoun agreement, Verb tense)
  3. Sentence Structure (Comma splices and run-on sentences,  Improper punctuation, Fragments and parallelism, Subordination and coordination)
  4. Sentence Logic (Correct placement of modifying phrase and clauses,  The use of logical transitions)

#4 Writing (essay): 1 essay (300 – 600 words)

The Essay Test is designed primarily to ascertain (in conjunction with the CRC Test and possibly the Diagnostic Test) whether test-takers are college-ready or not college-ready with respect to writing. The Essay Test consists of a single constructed-response prompt.

The minimum passing score requirements are as follows:

  • » Mathematics: 350
  • » Reading: 351
  • » Writing: Essay Score of 5; Essay Score of 4 and Multiple Choice of 340

More information regarding the Texas Success Initiative and the TSI Assessment can be found at www.thecb.state.tx.us/TSI.

TSI Study Guide 2024

Take advantage of free sample questions to improve in areas where your academic performance is not the strongest. These sample questions help you familiarize yourself with the types of questions asked on the TSI Assessment. To access the full sample questions document,