OAT Biology Practice Test 2024 Questions and Answer

OAT Biology Practice Test 2024 Questions and Answer Try our free Optometry Admission Test (OAT) Biology online quiz for better OAT test prep. Biology is a topic area integral to mastery of the Survey of Natural Sciences portion of the OAT.

The biology review in this Practice Test begins with a chapter on a strategy that tests your knowledge of that content and reviews the quiz to find any missing knowledge gaps. The biology knowledge you need for the DAT encompasses a wide variety of topics in the categories of cell and molecular biology, diversity of life, vertebrate anatomy and physiology, developmental biology, genetics and evolution, and ecology and behavior.

Mastering biology on the OAT means not only memorizing biology vocabulary and facts but also learning to integrate your knowledge, make connections, and otherwise approach the multiple-choice questions in the Biology subtest and the entire Survey of Natural Sciences section in the best way possible.

OAT Biology Practice Test 2024

Biology content appears in the Survey of Natural Sciences section, which contains the Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry subtests. In the real test, the Survey of Natural Sciences has a total of 100 questions that must be completed in 90 minutes. Questions 1–40 are always related to biology,

Test Name OAT Practice Test 2024
Test Purpose Admission into optometry schools
Subject Survey of Natural Sciences
Sub Test Biology
Sample Questions 40
Time Limit N/A

Optometry Admissions Test – Survey of Natural Sciences

OAT Biology Test

Total Questions: 40

Time Limit:  30 Minutes

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