PELLETB Spelling Practice Test 2024

PELLETB Spelling Practice Test 2024: This PELLETB Spelling Practice Test focuses on vocabulary related to sleep and its effects on individuals. The test consists of multiple-choice questions designed to assess the Writing Ability to correctly spell words commonly used in the context of sleep, sleep disorders, and their consequences.

Each question presents a sentence with a missing word and four alternative spellings of the same word. The test-taker must identify the correct spelling for the given context.

This practice test is ideal for those preparing for the PELLETB exam and looking to improve their spelling skills, particularly in the area of sleep-related vocabulary. The test includes a range of difficulty levels, making it suitable for individuals with various levels of spelling proficiency.

PELLETB Spelling Practice Test

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PELLETB Practice Test
Total Items: 20
Time Duration: N/A

Instructions: Read it
In the following sentences, choose the correct spelling of the missing word. Mark on your answer sheet the letter that identifies the correct choice.

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The evidence was _______________ enough to secure a conviction.

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The criminal's _______________ was well-planned.

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The suspect was _______________ of the charges.

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The police officer had a _______________ demeanor.

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The detective tried to _______________ the suspect's alibi.

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The case was _______________ after new evidence was found.

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The criminal was trying to _______________ the evidence.

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The officer had to _______________ the crowd.

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The suspect had a _______________ motive.

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The officer conducted a thorough _______________.

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His ______________ of the situation was incorrect.

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It was not _____________ who committed the crime.

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She was feeling _______________ after the long journey.

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The officer was able to _______________ the suspect's lies.

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The detective was _______________ in his pursuit of the truth.

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The suspect tried to _______________ his true identity.

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The police department received numerous _______________ about the noise.

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The officer had to _______________ a report about the incident.

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The suspect had been suffering from _______________ for several weeks.

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The suspect's erratic behavior was a _______________ of his sleep deprivation.

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By practicing with this test, test-takers can enhance their spelling accuracy, build confidence, and familiarize themselves with vocabulary relevant to sleep and its effects.