PELLETB Vocabulary Practice Test 2024

PELLETB Vocabulary Practice Test 2024 for CHP (California Highway Patrol) Officer Exam. This PELLETB Vocabulary Practice Test is designed to help individuals prepare for the vocabulary section of the POST Entry-Level Law Enforcement Test Battery (PELLETB).

This section assesses a candidate’s knowledge and understanding of various English words and their meanings. The practice test consists of multiple-choice questions in which the test-taker must identify the word or phrase with the closest meaning to the underlined word in a given sentence.

This practice test is an invaluable resource for those looking to improve their vocabulary skills in the Writing Ability section and increase their chances of success in the PELLETB exam. By working through these questions, test-takers can become familiar with the types of words and phrases they may encounter on the test. Additionally, the practice test provides detailed explanations for incorrect alternatives, helping individuals to understand the nuances of the English language better and further expand their vocabulary.

PELLETB Vocabulary Practice Test

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PELLETB Practice Test - Vocabulary

PELLETB Practice Test - Writing Ability
Topic: Vocabulary
Total Items: 20
Time Duration: N/A

Instructions: Read it
In each of the following sentences, choose the word or phrase that most nearly has the same meaning as the underlined word. Mark on your answer sheet the letter that identifies the correct choice

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The detective conducted a thorough investigation.

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The suspect had a plausible alibi.

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The witness was reluctant to testify in court.

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The criminal left incriminating evidence at the crime scene.

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The detective's investigation was thorough.

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The police officer showed restraint during the confrontation.

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The suspect's behavior was suspicious.

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The officer maintained surveillance on the suspect's home.

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The lawyer presented a compelling argument in court.

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The criminal's actions were malicious.

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The witness provided a meticulous account of the events.

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The officer exhibited great tenacity during the pursuit.

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The suspect's alibi was incontrovertible.

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The crime scene revealed incriminating evidence.

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The detective was able to deduce the criminal's motive from the evidence.

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The new police chief wants to implement innovative policing strategies.

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The victim provided a vivid description of the attacker.

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The officer had to subdue the aggressive suspect.

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The stolen items were found in the suspect's possession.

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The lawyer presented a compelling argument in court.

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To effectively study and prepare for the PELLETB Vocabulary Practice Test, candidates should immerse themselves in language-based activities such as reading and writing. They may also benefit from understanding the Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes that form the basis of many English words. Consistent practice and exposure to a wide range of vocabulary will help individuals develop the language skills needed to excel on the PELLETB exam.