WHMIS Quiz Answers 2023 (Canada, Ontario)

WHMIS Quiz Answers 2023 (Canada, Ontario): Prepare effectively for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) course final exam with our practice test. Designed to reflect the requirements in Canada and Ontario, this quiz comprises a mix of Multiple-choice and True/False questions.

Our WHMIS Quiz Answers 2020 sample test is valuable for those looking to enhance their understanding of workplace hazardous materials. Engage with our quiz to ensure thorough preparation and improve your chances of excelling in the final exam.

WHMIS Quiz Answers 2023 (Canada, Ontario)

Purpose WHMIS 2024 Prep Test
Question Type Multiple Choice and True False
Test Type Sample Practice Test
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Test Type Online CBT
Total Question 25
Applicable Country Canada
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WHMIS Quiz Answers (Canada, Ontario)

WHMIS Quiz Answers (Canada, Ontario)
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Q25: In the event of a fire involving hazardous materials, which of the following is the most important consideration?

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Q24: What is the first step in the emergency response plan for a chemical spill?

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Q23: What should you do if you are exposed to a hazardous chemical?

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Q22: Which of the following PPE is commonly used when handling corrosive materials?

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Q21: What should you do if a hazardous material spill occurs?

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Q20: What should be included in WHMIS training?

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Q19: Which of the following is NOT a worker’s right under WHMIS?

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Q18: How often must WHMIS training be refreshed?

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Q17: What is the primary purpose of WHMIS training?

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Q16: Who is responsible for providing WHMIS training to workers?

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Q15: What is the purpose of the hazard pictograms on WHMIS labels?

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Q14: What information does a workplace label usually contain?

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Q13: What color are the borders on WHMIS supplier labels?

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Q12: When must a workplace label be used?

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Q11: What is required on a supplier label for a hazardous product?

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Q10: Where in the SDS would you find information about a substance's physical and chemical properties?

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Which section of the SDS provides information on handling and storage?

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Q8: What information is found in Section 1 of the SDS?

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Q7: Which section of the SDS provides information on first aid measures?

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Q6: How many sections are there in a WHMIS 2015 Safety Data Sheet?

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Q5: What is indicated by the flame over circle symbol?

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Q4: Which hazard class does the exclamation mark symbol cover?

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Q3: Which WHMIS symbol represents a gas under pressure?

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What class of hazards does the skull and crossbones symbol represent?

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Which of the following WHMIS symbols indicates a material that can cause serious health effects?

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