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Boost your PTCB exam preparation with our Free PTCB Practice Test 1. This practice test offers 50 detailed questions to mirror the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) exam. Assess your knowledge, identify areas for improvement, and build confidence with no registration required. Start your journey to certification today!

Free PTCB Practice Test 1


PTCB Practice Test #1

PTCB Practice Test #1
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
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The agency established by OSHA that compiles a list of hazardous drugs is the

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A patient has an order written for 12 fl. oz. of a medication. How many mLs is this?

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A patient who takes Cozaar is admitted to the hospital. Which of the following would be an appropriate therapeutic substitution?

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Which of the following drugs is considered by the ISMP to be high-risk/high-alert?

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Which medication is a neuromuscular blocker?

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Which of the following is added while compounding to help smoothen the mixture and help any solids to dissolve better?

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A drug that may or may not have a higher rate of error, but the outcome of an error involving that drug would pose a greater risk to the patient is known as a(n)

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Which of the following drugs is considered by the ISMP to be high-risk/high-alert?

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A compounded nonaqueous oral solid stored at room temperature has a BUD of

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Which of the following antihypertensive agents is an ARB?

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Which medication is often taken as a tapered dosage, to allow the adrenal glands time to resume normal function?

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A patient has stated that he often misses doses of his prescription for metoprolol, because it makes him tired and he doesn’t like to feel sleepy. The pharmacist must consult this patient regarding

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How many mg of lidocaine are needed to prepare 25 mL of a 1% lidocaine solution?

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A patient has a sulfa allergy. Which medication must be avoided?

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Which of the following must be included with prescriptions for specific medications which have been determined that certain information is necessary to prevent adverse events?

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Risperidone is in which class of medications?

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A patient weighs 82 pounds and has an order for a medication to take 4 mg/kg daily. The medication is available in several different strengths. Which of the following would be closest for the patient’s dose?

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Which drug is considered a high-alert medication?

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Tyramine, a component in some cheeses, can cause a serious interaction with which drug?

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Which medication should not be taken with acetaminophen or a product containing acetaminophen (for example, cold and flu medication)?

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Taking levofloxacin could result in which of the following adverse effects?

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Ginkgo biloba may be used to treat which of the following?

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A pharmacy technician is compounding the components of two capsules together with a diluent. She notices that the color of the mixture changes suddenly to a dark brown. This would be an example of

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The abbreviation “HS” intended to mean at bedtime, is often misinterpreted as

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A pharmacy receives a prescription for cyclobenzaprine 10 mg 1 TID PRN #30. What would be the days’ supply for this prescription?

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Which of the following medications must be stored in a safe or locked cabinet at all times?

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Which of the following medications should be stored in its original container to protect from light sensitivity?

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A medication that has the month/year as the expiration date, expires on the

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Which of the following medications may cause a patient to have a persistent cough?

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Which of the following medications must be taken until the duration of drug therapy is complete?

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Which of the following would be used in the event of a recall to identify the specific medication recalled?

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Which of the following routes of administration would be instilled into the ear?

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A patient takes Nexium 20 mg at home. This patient is admitted to the hospital, and Nexium is not on the hospital formulary, so the pharmacist converts the order to Prilosec 20 mg. This is an example of

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A patient with asthma would want to avoid which medication for treatment of high blood pressure?

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Which of the following is the process of mixing drugs into a compound by adding the smallest ingredient first, then mixing evenly the same amount as the next ingredient, and repeating steps until all amounts have been mixed (to provide an even distribution throughout the compound)?

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Which of the following drugs, if taken with ciprofloxacin, may cause a serious drug interaction and risk of bleeding?

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Which capsule size listed is the largest?

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The generic name for Xarelto is

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A pharmacy technician is entering a prescription into a patient’s profile. After submitting the order, an alert appears with information the pharmacist needs to verify. The process of identifying and reviewing problems, such as drug allergies, doses that are too high, or contraindication is known as

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After reconstitution, azithromycin can be used for how many days before it must be discarded?

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A solid dosage form, inserted into the rectum, vagina, or urethra is a(n)

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Which error prevention technique is often found on patient wrist bands and drug packaging, and is verified prior to prescription dispensing or administration of a medication?

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Which of the following medications is indicated for symptomatic treatment of BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia)?

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A pharmacy technician fills a prescription for a liquid with a total volume of 110 mL. Which package size should be selected for dispensing?

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An example of a medication in which a small difference in dosage may lead to a serious adverse event or insufficient therapeutic response would be

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The FDA system used to report adverse medication events is

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Invoices of Schedule II controlled substances, as well as completed CSOS or 222 forms, must be stored in the pharmacy (or a secured off-site location) for how many years?

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When two drugs contain the same active ingredient and dosage and utilize the same route of administration and meet all the same standards for purity and quality, they are known as

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Which of the following tools used for blood sugar monitoring consists of a sharp needle used to prick the skin?

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A pediatric patient has a prescription for amoxicillin suspension with a dose of 125 mg q8hr × 7d. The pharmacy gives the patient an 80 mL bottle of suspension (125 mg/5 mL), and counsels the mother to make sure to take it until it’s gone to ensure the entire antibiotic therapy is completed. This would be which type of prescription error?

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