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PTCB Pretest Question Answers: Free Practice Test for Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhT): Prepare for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam with our free PTCB Pretest Question Answers. No registration is required. Ace your CPhT certification with 50 practice questions designed to help you succeed!

Looking to ace the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam? Our PTCB Pretest Question Answers are here to help! This free practice test is designed to prepare you for the Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) certification. With 50 items, this test covers key topics and questions you’ll encounter on the exam. Best of all, no registration is required!

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Start your journey to becoming a certified pharmacy technician today with our free, no-hassle PTCB Pretest Question Answers. Enhance your exam readiness and achieve your certification goals with ease!

PTCB Pretest Question Answers


PTCB Pretest Question Answers

PTCB Pretest Question Answers
Pharmacy Technician Certification Board
Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT)
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The packaging (bottle or unit dose) for which of the following medications is also considered hazardous due to potential residue?

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What is the proper procedure for disposing of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste?

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A patient receives 30 tablets of alprazolam with the instructions, take 1 PO TID PRN anxiety. The patient returns for a refill after 7 days because she is out of medication. Which of the following prescription errors would this be?

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Discoloration of urine is a side effect of which medication?

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Which of the following must be avoided while taking metronidazole?

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Which needle type must be used to remove fluid from an ampule?

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Which of the following is NOT a primary route of infectious disease transmission?

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What is the generic name for Lantus?

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Which of the following dosage forms should be avoided by diabetic patients?

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A process that helps identify any factors involved in a medication error or adverse event is known as a

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What does the final set of numbers indicate on an NDC?

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A patient calls and asks how long her insulin will last before she must discard it. She says she used the first dose on March 3. Which date would the pharmacy technician tell the patient she should discard the insulin?

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What is the purpose of tall man lettering?

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A prescription for alprazolam could be refilled a maximum of

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A patient has a prescription for 20 grams of hydrocortisone cream 10%. The pharmacy has 2% and 20% in stock. How much of each is required to compound this prescription?

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Which of the following drugs is a high-alert medication?

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Which temperature range would be appropriate for the storage of latanoprost?

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A pharmacy dispenses Wellbutrin XL to a patient with the instructions to take TID. Which type of prescription error would this be?

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Zofran ODT is administered

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Which of the following is an inactive ingredient or “filler” used in a compound with an active medication?

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What is the first step in donning PPE before compounding sterile products?

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Which of the following medications should be taken at bedtime?

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Preventing, monitoring, and managing the potential hazards of a medication’s use by providing education to the patient and health care provider is known as

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The USP chapter that defines non-sterile compounding standards is

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A reverse distributor is a third party who returns expired medications to manufacturers and wholesalers for

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Meloxicam belongs to which drug classification?

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Each day, a pharmacy technician reviews prescriptions that have not been picked up. As per the pharmacy policy, after 10 days of sitting in the will-call bin, these medications are then

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Certification for laminar air flow hoods or isolator glove boxes must occur how often?

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The DEA form required for theft of controlled substances is

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iPledge is a REMS program for which medication?

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After counting which of the following medication should the counting tray be cleaned with 70% IPA?

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A device attached to an inhaler, to make it easier for children to breathe in the medication (sometimes with a mask), is a(n)

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Which of the following OTC medications is an antihistamine?

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Which type of error is one that is caught before reaching the patient?

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Interpret the following prescription order: 1 TAB PO TID AC PRN HA

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Which of the following medications is taken as one weekly dose of 70 mg?

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A patient brings in a prescription on Sunday evening for oxycodone 5 mg. The pharmacy does not have the full amount to fill the entire prescription. When must the remaining quantity be available for the patient?

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A patient tells a pharmacy technician that she is feeling miserable and needs an OTC cold medication. The patient mentions that she is on a medication for high blood pressure and asks if this is a problem. Which would be the best response from the pharmacy technician?

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Which of the following suffixes indicate a drug is an ACE inhibitor?

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A patient is attempting to purchase three boxes of pseudoephedrine. Each box contains 1.7 grams. Can the pharmacy technician sell this quantity to the patient?

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A patient requests assistance in finding something OTC to help with her arthritis. What supplement would the pharmacist recommend?

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Which of the following dosages must be clarified before dispensing?

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Which of the following is true regarding the ordering of Schedule II medications?

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Which of the following is a beta blocker?

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A 22-pound child is to receive a prescription for Augmentin dosed as 30 mg/kg/day q12h. If the pharmacy stocks a 250 mg/5 mL suspension, how many mL are given for each dose?

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The SDS for a drug will give which of the following information?

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Which of the following should be avoided by patients taking spironolactone?

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Which medication is classified as high-alert, due to the potential for serious tissue injury if infiltrated during IV administration?

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The generic name for Neurontin is

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A pharmacy becomes aware of a Class 1 recall for a specific lot number of diabetic test strips. Which of the following should occur?

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