HESI A2 Biology Exam 2024 – 25 Practice Questions and Answers

HESI A2 Biology Exam 2024 – 25 Practice Questions and Answers online Quiz: Prepare to excel on the HESI A2 Biology exam with our comprehensive practice test featuring 25 carefully curated questions and answers. This practice test covers essential biology topics, including protein synthesis, cellular respiration, genetics, anatomy, and more. Each question is designed to mimic the style and difficulty of the HESI A2 exam, providing a realistic and practical study experience.

Whether a nursing student or a prospective healthcare professional, our HESI A2 Biology practice test will help you build confidence and improve your test-taking skills. With detailed explanations for each answer, you’ll better understand the biological concepts you need to know. Boost your preparation and increase your chances of achieving a high score on the HESI A2 Biology exam. Start practicing now and take a significant step towards your healthcare career goals!

HESI A2 Biology 25 Practice Questions and Answers


HESI A2 Biology Practice Test 

HESI A2 Biology Practice Test 
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Which of these molecules contains glucose?

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Why are bacteria and blue-green algae often classified together?

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Why do we perceive chlorophyll as green?

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Which is not a step in the water cycle?

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How should a researcher test the hypothesis that eating chocolate leads to acne in teenagers?

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Which statement regarding energy content is true?

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Three students measured the mass of a product of combustion. They recorded measurements of 5.14 g, 5.16 g, and 5.17 g. If the known mass of the product is 5.30 g, how would you describe the students’ measurements?

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What is represented by this formula: 6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 6O2?

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Hemophilia is a sex-linked trait carried on the X chromosome. In an example of a male with hemophilia and a female carrier, what ratio of the offspring is predicted to have the disease?

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In a strand of DNA, you would expect to see adenine paired with ___________.

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In which phase of cell division do the chromosomes replicate?

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Which organism reproduces via binary fission?

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What takes place in a lysosome?

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Beeswax is an example of what kind of molecule?

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The scientific name for a house cat is Felis catus. This indicates the house cat’s ___________ and ___________.

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What kind of symbiosis exists between a pneumonia bacterium and a human?

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Which part of a plant’s reproductive system is of a different “gender” than the others?

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Physical factors such as temperature and pH can alter enzyme activity because they have an effect on the enzyme’s ___________.

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What is the purpose of phloem tissue in plant stems?

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A cell is in a solution in which the concentration of solutes is higher inside the cell than outside the cell. What would you expect to happen to the cell?

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Imagine that two parents both carry the recessive gene for cystic fibrosis. Any homozygous recessive offspring will manifest the disease. What percentage of the offspring is predicted to be carriers but not manifest the disease?

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Which statement is untrue?

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How is mitosis different from meiosis?

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Why is yeast used to make bread rise?

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Which organelle is responsible for protein synthesis?

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