AP Human Geography (APHG) Practice Test 2022 (75 MCQs)

APHG AP Human Geography Practice Test 2022: Try our free Advanced Placement AP Human Geography (APHG) Exam review sample practice test for free.  You can also download PDF for better AP Human Geography Prep.

The APHG AP Human Geography Practice Test exam is designed to help you determine which areas of human geography warrant greater review. Familiarize yourself at least somewhat with the concepts, models, processes, and theories of human geography before taking the diagnostic exam.

When taking the multiple-choice section of the exam, do not leave any blanks.

■ Go through the entire set of multiple-choice questions and answer ONLY the ones you know for sure.
■ When you reach a question you are not quite sure of, but think you can answer given more time, mark that question (devise a strategy that works best for you; perhaps you can circle the question number).
■ After you have answered all the questions you know for sure, go back to the questions you circled. If you can narrow down the choices to two possible responses, go ahead and make your best guess.
■ If time remains, scan through all the questions you marked with a circle and answer them.

AP Human Geography (APHG) Practice Test

Test Name APHG Practice Test 2024
Section One
Questions Type multiple-choice questions (MCQs)
Total MCQ 75
Time Limit N/A
Negative marking No penalize
Score Instant

AP Human Geography Practice Test

AP Human Geography Practice Test