ATSA Applied Math Practice Test 2024

ATSA Angles Practice Test 2024: Air Traffic Controller Aptitude Test Try our free Air Traffic Selection and Training Aptitude Test (AT-SAT) Applied Mathematics review question answers. It will help your ATSA Test Prep better. This test consists of word math problems with four possible answers for each problem. All of the questions involve calculating time, distance, or speed based on information given in the problem.

All problems involve the movement of aircraft. Knowledge of knots or nautical mile terminology is not required to determine the answer. Scoring of the test is based on the number of problems answered correctly.” (FAA pamphlet, p. 7).

Use the following formula (Figure 3-11) to calculate the time for the applied math part of the exam: Where T is time in minutes (60 minutes is one hour), speed is in knots or miles per hour; most questions will need this translated into miles per minute. (360 KPH or MPH / 60 minutes = 6 miles per minute.)

The Applied Math test contains 30 multiple-choice questions. The first five items are practice questions followed by 25 scored questions. An example of an Applied Math question is: “A plane has flown for three hours with a ground speed of 210 knots. How far did the plane travel?” Each of these questions requires the subject to make calculations based on time, speed, and distance to identify the correct answer from among four choices. (Heil and Agnew, 2000, p. 3.)

ATSA Applied Math Practice Test

Q1. An aircraft has flown 375 miles in 90 minutes. What is the aircraft’s ground speed?

  • A. 150 kts
  • B. 200 kts
  • C. 250 kts
  • D. 300 kts
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Answer Key: C

Q2. How many miles has the aircraft traveled if it flies at 450 MPH for 2½ hours?

  • A. 1050
  • B. 1075
  • C. 1100
  • D. 1125
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Answer Key: D

Q3. If a plane was traveling 200 MPH with a 15 MPH tailwind, how many miles would the plane fly in 1 hour and 45 minutes?

  • A. 315
  • B. 376
  • C. 350
  • D. 370
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Answer Key: B

Q4. How many miles will an aircraft cover if it flies for 4 hours at 220 MPH?

  • A. 820
  • B. 880
  • C. 900
  • D. 980
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Answer Key: B

Q5. The distance from Minneapolis to Milwaukee is 350 miles. What speed will N2540G have to maintain in order to fly this route under three hours?

  • A. 100
  • B. 110
  • C. 117
  • D. 105
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Answer Key: C

Q6. An aircraft takes 9 hours to fly 1800 miles; what is the average speed in MPH?

  • A. 250
  • B. 150
  • C. 180
  • D. 200
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Answer Key: D

Q7. An aircraft flies from ABC to CDE to EFG and back to ABC airports every day. The distance between ABC and CDE is 90 miles; CDE to EFG 120 miles and ABC and EFG is 90. What is the average speed of the aircraft if the total flight time takes 2 hours?

  • A. 200
  • B. 180
  • C. 150
  • D. 250
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Answer Key: C
Q8. About how long would it take an aircraft (180 MPH) to make a round trip of 345 miles?
  • A. 1 hour, 30 minutes
  • B. 1 hour, 50 minutes
  • C. 2 hours, 30 minutes
  • D. 2 hours, 10 minutes
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Answer Key: B

Q9. If N44285 (120 MPH) left ABC airport at the same time as N72085 (180 MPH) going in opposite directions, how many miles apart would they be in 9 minutes?

  • A. 45
  • B. 27
  • C. 18
  • D. 30
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Answer Key: A

Q10. N74985 (240 MPH) is climbing at 1,500 feet per minute and has just left ABC airport. How far from the airport and at what altitude will the aircraft be at after 5 minutes of flight?

  • A. 10 miles, 5500 feet
  • B. 40 miles, 7500 feet
  • C. 20 miles, 7500 feet
  • D. 75 miles, 500 feet
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Answer Key: C

Q11. How many miles apart are New York City and Cleveland if N74985 (280 MPH) takes 1 hour, 30 minutes to fly between these cities?

  • A. 500
  • B. 420
  • C. 280
  • D. 685
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Answer Key: B

Q12. Phoenix to Tucson roundtrip is 200 miles. How many minutes will it take N74985 to fly from Tucson to Phoenix at a speed of 240 MPH?

  • A. 15
  • B. 35
  • C. 25
  • D. 30
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Answer Key: C

Q13. After passing each other how many miles apart will N74985 (180 MPH) and N1502E (180 MPH) be in 5 minutes?

  • A. 16
  • B. 12
  • C. 24
  • D. 30
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Answer Key: D

Q14. If a plane was taking off and climbing at 380 feet per minute at 205 MPH, what is the altitude of the plane after it traveled 115 miles?

  • A. 12,750
  • B. 10,500
  • C. 18,000
  • D. 15,000
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Answer Key: A

Q15. N749PA (150 MPH) is climbing at 600 feet per minute and has just left CDE airport. What altitude and how far from the airport will the aircraft be after 10 minutes of flight?

  • A. 5500 feet, 20 miles
  • B. 7500 feet, 40 miles
  • C. 6000 feet, 25 miles
  • D. 60000 feet, 25 miles
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Answer Key: C

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