BLS Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide [PDF]

BLS Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide [PDF]: Try our free Basic Life Support (BLS) review questions and answers. In addition, you can download the American Heart Association(AHA) and NHCPS BLS PreTest with answer keys in a printable PDF. We also added basic life support certification handbooks and online study guides.

The AHA’s BLS Course is designed for healthcare professionals and other personnel who need to perform CPR and other basic cardiovascular life support skills in various in-facility and prehospital settings.

BLS Practice Test 2024

The following BLS Practice Test consists of 25 multiple-choice questions and answers. There is no time limit for each of the BLS Practice Tests. You can check your score at the end of the quiz.

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BLS Certification Course 2024

The AHA’s BLS Provider Course has been updated to reflect new science in the 2020 AHA Guidelines for CPR and ECC. This course teaches basic life support skills for application in both in-facility and prehospital settings, focusing on high-quality CPR, improvement of chest compression fraction, and high-performing team dynamics. It also teaches rescue techniques for adults, children, and infants.

The ability to save a human life is an invaluable skill that can have immense consequences. Therefore, it must be fostered at every possible opportunity. While everyone can’t undergo the years of training needed to become a doctor or a nurse, a basic knowledge of life-saving procedures can help make a difference in an emergency.

Basic Life Support (BLS) refers to procedures that can be learned to prolong survival in life-threatening situations until more professional help is available. Any individual can become certified in basic life support protocols. These protocols are frequently updated based on the latest evidence, and every individual who undergoes BLS certification may need to refresh their knowledge every two years.

Course Name Basic Life Support (BLS)
Administrated by American Heart Association
BLS Certification Exam Items 25 to 35 MCQs
Time Limit unlimited
Minimum Passing Marks 70 to 80%
Certification Validity 2 Years
Cost $15 to $50
Test Mode CBT (online)


BLS Course Content

Medical professionals usually have a sound understanding of basic life support protocols. Even then, it is essential for them to frequently undergo certifications to update their knowledge regarding the latest evidence-based protocols. This handbook is designed for both medical professionals and non-healthcare individuals. It aims to establish a sound understanding of the mechanisms underlying basic life support. The content in this handbook complies with the 2020 guidelines recently released by the American Heart Association – therefore, all the protocols illustrated here are based on up-to-date evidence.

General Concepts of Basic Life Support

  • General Concepts of Basic Life Support
  • Initiating Chain of Survival
  • 2020 BLS Guideline Changes

BLS for Adults

  • BLS for Adults
  • One Rescuer BLS/CPR for Adults
  • Two-Rescuer BLS/CPR for Adults
  • Adult Mouth-to-Mask and Bag-Mask Ventilation
  • Adult Basic Life Support (BLS) Algorithm

Use of Automated External Defibrillator

  • Use of Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

BLS for Children (1 to 8 years)

  • BLS for Children 1 – Puberty
  • One & Two Rescuer BLS for Children
  • Pediatric BLS Algorithm
  • Child Ventilation

BLS for Infants (0 to 12 months)

  • One & Two Rescuer BLS for Infants (0 to 12 months old)

AED for Children and Infants

  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Infants & Children

Airway Management

  • Airway Management
  • Mouth-to-Mouth Rescue Breathing
  • Rescue Breathing

Relief of Choking

  • Relief of Choking For Adults, Children, & Infants

BLS Skills Training

  • BLS Skills Training Test

BLS Certification Exam

  • BLS Certification Exam

BLS Handbook / Study Guide