California Gun Safety Practice Test 2024 With Study Guide [PDF]

California Gun Safety Practice Test 2024 With Study Guide [PDF]: California Firearm Safety Certificate FSC (Gun Permit Written Test) [Updated]

Explore our free California Firearm Safety Certificate written test questions and answers online with a study guide. To obtain an FSC, individuals must pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) written test to ensure proper knowledge of firearm safety laws and responsibilities.

Download our FSC Test Prep materials in PDF format, or engage with our interactive practice questions in quiz format. Firearm safety is mandated by law in California. Every firearm owner is expected to be knowledgeable about safe firearm practices, understand the basic operation and handling of their firearm, and recognize the gravity of firearm ownership responsibilities.

According to Penal Code section 26840, all firearm acquirers must possess a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) unless exempt by law. The DOJ administers the test through certified instructors, commonly available at firearms dealerships.

FSC Practice Test 2024 (Updated)

By studying these questions and their explanations, you’ll be better prepared for the FSC test and ensure your ability to navigate California’s complex firearm laws safely and responsibly. Perfect for anyone preparing for the California Firearm Safety Certificate test or looking to enhance their knowledge of firearm laws and regulations.

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California Gun Safety Written Test 2024

As you may know, California requires any person who acquires a firearm to have a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) (with some exceptions). To get an FSC, you must pass a written firearm safety test administered by DOJ Certified Instructors. The certificate is valid for five years.

For an additional $25, I took and passed the test when I attended an NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home class in the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago.

FSC Actual Test Summary

Test Name California Gun Safety Test
Test Mode Written Test
Test Administration Department of Justice (DOJ) California
Total number of questions  30 questions
Passing Marks  75% (23 correct answers out of 30 questions)
Type of Question 10 true/false questions and 20 multiple-choice questions
Test Language English and Spanish

FSC Test Content

Seven topics are specified in Penal Code section 31640:

  1.  The laws applicable to carrying and handling firearms, particularly handguns;
  2. The responsibilities of ownership of firearms, particularly handguns;
  3.  Current law as it relates to the private sale and transfer of firearms;
  4.  Current law as it relates to the permissible use of lethal force;
  5.  What constitutes safe firearm storage;
  6.  Issues associated with bringing a firearm into the home, including suicide; and
  7.  Prevention strategies to address issues associated with bringing firearms into the home.
Certificate Name Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC)
Certificate Validity Five Years
Fees for FSC test $ 10.00
Fees for replacement FSC $ 5.00

Gun Safety Rules

There are six basic gun safety rules for gun owners to understand and practice at all times:

  1. Treat all guns as if they are loaded.
  2. Keep the gun pointed in the safest possible direction.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  4. Know your target, its surroundings, and beyond.
  5. Know how to properly operate your gun.
  6. Store your gun safely and securely to prevent unauthorized use. Guns and ammunition should be stored separately.

FSC Practice Test 2024 California Gun Permit Certificate (Updated)

Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC)

All firearm transactions must be processed through a licensed dealer, and both a Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) and proof of residency are required for purchases. While owning a firearm does not require a permit or license beyond initial acquisition, obtaining an FSC is mandatory to purchase new firearms.

Effective January 1, 2015, the Handgun Safety Certificate program was replaced by the FSC program. This change expanded the requirement from handguns to include all firearms (handguns and long guns), unless an exemption applies. A Handgun Safety Certificate remains valid for purchasing handguns until expiration but does not cover long gun acquisitions after December 31, 2014.

To obtain an FSC, you must pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) written test with a score of at least 75%. This study guide provides the necessary information to help you prepare for the test. An FSC is valid for five years from the issue date. If your FSC is lost, stolen, or destroyed, you can obtain a replacement from the DOJ-certified instructor who issued the original certificate.

Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) Requirement

A valid Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) is essential to purchasing or acquiring a firearm in California. To obtain an FSC, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 75% on a written test focusing on firearm laws and safety regulations. This test is administered by Department of Justice (DOJ) certified instructors and is typically available at firearm dealerships.

An FSC is valid for five years from the date of issuance. The fee for taking the test and obtaining the FSC is twenty-five dollars ($25). Exceptions to this requirement include firearms being returned to their original owners, such as those retrieved from pawnshops, which are exempt from needing a new FSC.

If your FSC is lost, stolen, or destroyed, a replacement can be issued by the original DOJ Certified Instructor for a nominal fee of $5. Proof of identity must be presented to obtain a replacement FSC. (Pen. Code, §§ 31610-31670.)

Official Information

DOJ has established and implemented the firearm safety demonstration protocols and DOJ Certified Instructor standards. An explanation of the firearm safety demonstration can be found starting on page 12 of the Firearm Safety Certificate Study Guide.