PAX Practice Test 2024 NLN PAX RN & PN with Study Guide [Free PDF]

PAX Practice Test 2024: National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Exam PAX-RN NLN & PN Study Guide 2022 & 2024 and Practice Test Questions for the NLN Pre-Entrance Exam. Try our free PAX Practice Test review question answers.

Anyone who plans to apply to HCC’s RN, Medic To RN (for military medics), or PN Program. There are three main content domains on the NLN PAX: Verbal, Math, and Science. As such, the exam is designed to assess the background knowledge and skills in these academic areas, as well as the general reasoning ability of prospective nursing students.

PAX Practice Test 2024

The National League for Nursing Pre-Admission Examination (NLN PAX) is an entrance exam designed for students seeking acceptance into nursing programs in the United States. Although there were previously two versions of the PAX (the RN and the PN), the NLN has streamlined the exam offerings and combined these versions into the sole PAX exam.

To be eligible for the exam, candidates must have obtained a high school diploma or GED. Each nursing program can set its own minimum passing score required for prospective candidates.


The NLN PAX is a multiple-choice exam with 160 questions administered via computer. Candidates can register online through the NLN testing services website and test at proctored locations (usually nursing schools) across the country; alternatively, some nursing programs offer registration and dates of administration directly on their websites. Test takers should review the websites or admissions information of the programs for which they seek entry.

Test Format

The NLN PAX has three sections: Verbal, Math, and Science. The questions in the verbal section assess word knowledge, reading comprehension, and critical thinking. In the mathematics section, questions address basic computations and quantitative reasoning skills, conversions, graphs, algebra, geometry, and word problems.

The science section includes questions about general biology, chemistry, physics, human health, and human anatomy and physiology. Each of the three sections lasts 40 minutes. There are 160 questions on the exam. The breakdown is as follows:

Section No. of MCQs

Time Limit

Verbal 60 45 minutes
Mathematics 40 35 minutes
Science 60 45 minutes
Total 160 125 minutes

The PAX exam is general knowledge, standardized test consisting of multiple choice questions over three subject areas.

  • Section 1: Verbal (60 items in 45 minutes)
  • Section 2: Mathematics (40 items in 35 minutes)
  • Section 3: Science (60 items in 45 minutes)
    • Includes both knowledge of general principles and an ability to use cognitive skills related to:
      • Biology
      • Human Anatomy
      • Human Physiology
      • Physics
      • Chemistry
      • Health

NLN PAX Exam Score

Score reports are available four hours after completing the exam. Test takers can log in to their NLN account and access their results on the Reports tab. There is no set “passing score;” instead, each nursing program sets their own standards.

These percentiles are usually published in the information about admissions on their website. If a candidate “fails” one section, the entire test must be retaken. A score (from 1-200) and percentile rank for each of the three sections is reported as well as an overall composite percentile rank.

How do I register for the PAX exam?

Please visit for NLN’s testing portal. Once you set up an account (or log in if you already have an account), you will be able to purchase the PAX exam

What is the minimum composite score required to be eligible for the RN and PN Programs at HCC?

  • RN Program:  The minimum composite score to be eligible is 111.
  • Medic To RN Program: The minimum composite score to be eligible is 111.
  • PN Program:  The minimum composite score to be eligible is 99.