STNA Pretest 2024 Questions and Answers (with Explanation)

STNA Pretest 2024 Questions and Answers (with Explanation) follow the NNAAP for certified nursing assistants. Now that you have taken one exam, you should be more comfortable with the format. If you followed the advice of this STNA Pretest and go back to your training materials to brush up on the areas you had trouble with in the first exam, it will help your Nursing Exam Prep better.

When you finish the exam, check your answers against the answer key that follows the exam. Read the explanations carefully; they will help you see why you missed the questions you did. You can also use the explanations to help you brush up on areas that give you trouble. Then refer to the chart in Appendix A to see which kinds of questions were the most difficult for you.

STNA Pretest 2024 with Explanation

Test Name STNA Practice Test 2024
State Ohio
Test mode Online
Total Questions Knowledge Test 78
Time Limit N/A
Answer Key Yes
Printable PDF Coming Soon
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STNA Pretest (with Explanation)

STNA Pretest (with Explanation)

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