AP Psychology Practice Test 2024 Study Guide [UPDATED]

AP Psychology Practice Test 2024 Study Guide [UPDATED]

Prepare for the Advanced Placement (AP) Psychology Exam with our updated 2024 practice test and study guide. Try our free AP Psychology review questions and answers to enhance your understanding and test-taking skills.

You can also download the study guide in PDF format for convenient offline preparation. Use these resources to ensure you are well-prepared for the AP Psychology Exam and increase your chances of achieving a high score.

The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) program enables high school students to study college-level subjects. Most colleges grant credit, placement, or both for qualifying AP exam grades. You may want to check with the colleges of your choice to learn about their policies. Enrollment in AP Psychology has increased annually since its inception to become one of the most popular of the 35 AP courses and exams.

AP Psychology is equivalent to a college-level introductory psychology course. The AP Psychology exam focuses on psychological concepts and ideas, not people. We included a list of the most significant psychologists in the “Fabulous 15” section and suggest you focus your studies on those individuals.

AP Psychology Practice Test 2024

Review our AP Psychology Practice Test with Study Guide as the May exam approaches, and check your answers to see what you still need to learn. Since studying will help you succeed, it’s time to get started! The unit-by-unit AP Psychology Practice Test and study guide reinforce the topics and key concepts covered in the text and on the AP® exam, and the two AP®-style practice tests at the end allow you to tackle the most important piece of the course.

AP Psychology Exam 2024

Overview of the AP Psychology Exam The AP Psychology exam has two parts: multiple-choice and free-response sections. You will have two hours to complete the whole test. The multiple-choice portion of the exam contains 100 five-choice (A to E) questions. You will have 70 minutes to complete this section. Overall, the questions in the latter part of the exam are a little more difficult than the early ones.

Test Name Advanced Placement Exam
Subject Psychology
Total Sections Two Section I and Section II
Section I 100 MCQs – 70 minutes
Section II 2 FRQs – 50 minutes
break 5-minutes
Fees $94 and $124
Negative Marking NO

The score for the multiple-choice section of the AP exam is based on the number of questions answered correctly. No points are deducted for questions answered incorrectly or left blank. Since there is no “guessing penalty,” you should try to answer every multiple-choice question on the exam.

Section A: Multiple Choice

  • 100 Questions | 1 Hour 10 minutes | 66.7% of Exam Score
  • Multiple-choice questions account for two-thirds of your final score.

Section B: Free Response

  • 2 Questions | 50 minutes | 33.3% of Exam Score
    Question 1: Concept Application (7 points)
    Question 2: Research Design (7 points)
  • Free-response questions account for one-third of your final score.

AP Psychology Exam Units with Weighting

Based on the latest information, the AP Psychology Development Committee has updated the course description and point distribution outline for the AP Psychology exam. The percentage range in front of each topic represents the number of questions that will be asked on the exam.

Unit 1: Scientific Foundations of Psychology 10–14%

Unit 2: Biological Bases of Behavior 8–10%

Unit 3: Sensation and Perception 6–8%

Unit 4: Learning 7–9%

Unit 5: Cognitive Psychology 13–17%

Unit 6: Developmental Psychology 7–9%

Unit 7: Motivation, Emotion, and Personality 11–15%

Unit 8: Clinical Psychology 12–16%

Unit 9: Social Psychology 8–10%

The exam is 2 hours long. During the first 70 minutes, you have 100 multiple-choice questions to answer. At the end of the 70 minutes, your booklet and answer sheet will be collected. However, no matter how early you finish this first part of the exam, you cannot begin the free-response questions (essays) early.

The multiple-choice section counts for two-thirds of your score. If you have time remaining after you complete the questions, you can go back to those you were uncertain about or want to reread. You are limited to 50 minutes to answer two required essay questions.

AP Psychology Scoring

The following table shows a rough example of a conversion chart, and as you complete the practice exams, you may use this to give yourself a hypothetical grade. Keep in mind that the conversion changes slightly every year to adjust for the difficulty of the questions. You should receive your grade in early July.

AP Score Credit
College Grade
5 Extremely well qualified A
4 Well qualified A-, B+, B
3 Qualified B-, C+, C
2 Possibly qualified n/a
1 No recommendation n/a

AP Psychology Exam Study Guide

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