AP Psychology UNIT 2 Practice Test 2024 (Biological Bases of Behavior)

AP Psychology UNIT 2 Practice Test 2024: The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exam Psychology UNIT 2 (Biological Bases of Behavior) Questions and Answers. Try our free AP Psychology review practice test for free.

UNIT 2 Biological Bases of Behavior: TOPICS

  • 2.1 Interaction of Heredity and Environment
  • 2.2 The Endocrine System 1
  • 2.3 Overview of the Nervous System and the Neuron
  • 2.4 Neural Firing
  • 2.5 Influence of Drugs on Neural Firing
  • 2.6 The Brain
  • 2.7 Tools for Examining Brain Structure and Function
  • 2.8 The Adaptable Brain
  • 2.9 Sleep and Dreaming

AP Psychology UNIT 2 Practice Test

Test Name Advanced Placement Exam
Subject AP Psychology Practice Test 2024
Unit 2 Biological Bases of Behavior
Section 1 Multiple Choice Question
Total Items 40 Sample MCQs
Time Limit 35 Minutes
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AP Psychology UNIT 2 Practice Test

AP Psychology Practice Test
UNIT 2: Biological Bases of Behavior
Total MCQs: 35
Time Limit: 35 Minutes

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Mr. Jenkins suffered a “stroke” as a result of a brain injury. Although he can still move the fingers on his right hand, he has lost sensation in these parts. Of the following, the site of damage to his brain is most likely in the

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The simplest behaviors

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Scientists are able to see changes in the brain as it processes information by means of

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Paul Broca found that the loss of the ability to speak intelligibly is associated with damage to a region of the brain in the

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A neuron without terminal buttons would be unable to

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Neurotransmitters cross the to carry information to the next neuron.

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When there is a negative charge inside an axon and a positive charge outside it, the neuron is

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Phrenology has been discredited, but which of the following ideas has its origins in phrenology?

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Junita does not feel like getting out of bed, has lost her appetite, and feels tired for most of the day. Which of the following neurotransmitters likely is in short supply for Junita?

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Multiple sclerosis is a result of degeneration in the

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n most people, which one of following is a specific function of the left hemisphere that is typically not controlled by the right hemisphere?

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Mr. Spam is a 39-year-old male who has been brought into your neurology clinic by his wife. She has become increasingly alarmed by her husband’s behavior over the last four months. You recommend a CAT scan to look for tumors in the brain. Which two parts of the brain would you predict are being affected by the tumors?

List of symptoms: vastly increased appetite, body temperature fluctuations, decreased sexual desire, jerky movements, poor balance when walking and standing, inability to throw objects, and exaggerated efforts to coordinate movements in a task

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When brain researchers refer to brain plasticity, they are talking about

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Split-brain patients are unable to

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Dr. Dahab, a brain researcher, is investigating the connection between certain environmental stimuli and brain processes. Which types of brain scans is he most likely to use?

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Which sentence most closely describes neural transmission?

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Antidepressant drugs like Prozac are often used to treat mood disorders. According to what you know about their function, which neurotransmitter system do these types of drugs try to affect?

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A spinal reflex differs from a normal sensory and motor reaction in that

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The three major categories researchers use to organize the entire brain are the

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You eat some bad sushi and feel that you are slowly losing control over your muscles. The bacteria you ingested from the bad sushi most likely interferes with the use of

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Which chemicals pass across the synaptic gap and increase the possibility the next neuron in the chain will fire?

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According to the theory of evolution, why might we call some parts of the brain the old brain and some parts the new brain?

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Deafness can result from damage to the inner ear or damage to what area of the brain?

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Paralysis of the left arm might be explained by a problem in the

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Blindness could result from damage to which cortex and lobe of the brain?

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Which task is primarily a right cerebral hemisphere function in most people?

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Loss of the ability of the brain to produce adequate levels of dopamine often leads to

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The part of the brain most closely associated with maintaining balance and the coordination of complex sequences of movements is the

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Which stimulate a muscle to contract?

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Which includes all of the others?

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Which of the following must be males?

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Gunshot wounds, tumors, and strokes all result in

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Which of the following glands interact(s) most directly with all of the others to help regulate body processes?

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Of the following, which are located exclusively in the central nervous system?

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What neurotransmitters are most likely in undersupply in someone who is depressed?

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