AP Psychology UNIT 8 Practice Test 2024 (Clinical Psychology)

AP Psychology UNIT 8 Practice Test 2024 (Clinical Psychology): The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exam Psychology UNIT 8 (Clinical Psychology) Questions and Answers. Try our free AP Psychology review practice test for free.

Clinical psychology is an integration of social science, theory, and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding, preventing, and relieving psychologically-based distress or dysfunction and promoting subjective well-being and personal development.

It is the study of people who suffer from psychological disorders. These disorders may be manifested in a person’s behavior and/or thoughts. Abnormal psychology encompasses the study of relatively common problems such as depression, substance abuse, and learning difficulties, as well as the study of fairly rare, and particularly severe, disorders such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

Just as there are many different views about the cause of mental disorders, many different beliefs exist about the appropriate way to treat psychological illness. All the methods of treatment, however, share a common purpose: to alter the client’s behavior, thoughts, and/or feelings.

AP Psychology UNIT 8 Practice Test 2024

Test Name Advanced Placement Exam
Subject AP Psychology Practice Test 2024
Unit 8 Clinical Psychology
Section 1 Multiple Choice Question
Total Items 45 Sample MCQs
Time Limit 35 Minutes
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AP Psychology UNIT 8 Practice Test

AP Psychology Practice Test
Unit 8: Clinical Psychology
Total MCQs: 45
Time Limit: 35 Minutes

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Jenna is telling her therapist about the dream she had last night, and her therapist begins to interpret it for her. Which approach to psychotherapy does Jenna’s therapist probably represent?

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Which statement about bulimia is true?

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Mary is sexually aroused by aardvarks. Mary might be diagnosed as having

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Anand is unable to move his right arm. He has been to scores of physicians seeking a cure, but none have been able to find any physiological reason for his paralysis. Anand may be suffering from

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The relationship between schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease is that

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Women in the United States have a higher rate of depression than do men. Which kind of psychologist would be most likely to explain this higher incidence in terms of the pressures and prejudices that women suffer?

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What kind of psychologist would be most likely to describe depression as the result of an unconscious process in which anger is turned inward?

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“I am the most important person in the world” is a statement that might characterize the views of someone with which of the following personality disorders?

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Depression is associated with low levels of

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Psychologists who draw from several different theoretical perspectives rather than strictly following one are known as

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All of the following are biomedical explanations for schizophrenia EXCEPT

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The DSM-IV-TR contains

I. a description of the symptoms of mental disorders.
II. a description of the likely causes of mental disorders.
III. recommended methods of treatment for mental disorders.

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Linda’s neighbors describe her as typically shy and mild mannered. She seems to be a devoted wife and mother to her husband and three children. Unbeknownst to these neighbors, Linda sometimes dresses up in flashy, revealing clothing and goes to bars to pick up strange men. At such times, she is boisterous and overbearing. She tells everyone she meets that her name is Jen. At other times, when she is upset, Linda slips into childlike behavior and responds only to the name Sally. Linda is suffering from a

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Juan hears voices that tell him to kill people. Juan is experiencing

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All schizophrenics suffer from

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Which of the following is not an anxiety disorder?

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Estrella always goes shopping with Maria. Because she has no confidence in her own decisions, she lets Maria decide what she should buy, and pays for clothes for Maria with money she was saving for a haircut. Estrella shows signs of which of the following personality disorders?

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Which of the following disorders is most closely associated with excessive levels of dopamine?

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Which of the following is a negative symptom of schizophrenia?

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Which of the following is classified as an anxiety disorder in DSM-5?

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DSM-5 is most helpful for

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A delusion is a

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When Herb physically abuses his dates, he considers himself good with the ladies, has little remorse for his actions, and has had repeated trouble with authority figures. His likely diagnosis is

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Paranoid personality disorder is characterized by

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Which of the following is NOT characteristic of the manic state of bipolar disorder?

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A common feature among people diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder is

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A soldier who experiences sudden blindness after seeing his buddies killed in battle is best diagnosed with

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Which of the following best characterizes a person experiencing obsessive-compulsive disorder?

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The behavioral approach attributes the cause of abnormal behavior to

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Hani was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. Which of the following definitions of abnormal behavior is described in this example?

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One difference between psychoanalytic and cognitive modes of treatment is that cognitive therapists

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Jeb has been working for the same company for three years. While his responsibilities have increased, his salary has not. Every time he resolves to talk with his supervisor about a raise, he loses his nerve. In therapy, Dr. Flores and her assistant demonstrate how Jeb might go about asking for a raise. Then the assistant pretends to be Jeb’s boss, and Jeb practices asking for a raise. This process most closely resembles

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Maria has been in analysis for over a year. Recently, she has begun to suspect that she has fallen in love with Dr. Chin, her analyst. When she confesses her feelings, Dr. Chin is likely to tell Maria that she is experiencing

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At his last appointment with his therapist, Ivan explained that since he lost his job he has felt completely worthless and depressed. Which of the following statements would a strictly cognitive therapist be most likely to say?

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Craig saw a behaviorist to treat his crippling test anxiety. After a few months, Craig no longer experiences any fear when taking tests, however he has developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder. According to psychoanalysts, Craig is experiencing

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Coretta’s therapist says little during their sessions and never makes any recommendations about what Coretta ought to do. What kind of therapy does Coretta’s therapist most likely practice?

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Vic is encouraged to take charge of the therapy session, and his therapist uses an active listening approach to mirror back the feelings he hears from Vic. Which therapy is most likely being described?

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An unplanned social change that occurred as a result of deinstitutionalization was

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Proactive preventive services available from many community mental health centers include all of the following EXCEPT

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The goal of psychoanalytic therapy is

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In contrast to a clinical psychologist, a psychiatrist is more likely to

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Which of the following disorders is most likely to be treated with electroconvulsive therapy?

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Tommy came to Dr. Chambers seeking help with his fear of heights. First, Dr. Chambers asked Tommy to list all of the situations concerning heights that led to his fear response. After they had ordered them from least fear-provoking to most fear-provoking, Dr. Chambers had Tommy listen to soothing music and slowly relaxed him as he imagined each step. Which of the following best describes Dr. Chambers’s treatment?

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Drew’s depression seems an outgrowth of his belief that everyone should like him. If his therapist were to utilize REBT, how might he proceed in treating Drew’s depression?

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Antabuse is a drug that, when paired with alcohol in the bloodstream, brings about extreme nausea. For many motivated alcoholics, this has proven to be an effective treatment. Under which umbrella of psychotherapy would it most likely be used?

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