AP Psychology UNIT 9 Practice Test 2024 (Social Psychology)

AP Psychology UNIT 9 Practice Test 2024 (Social Psychology): The College Board’s Advanced Placement (AP) exam Psychology UNIT 9 (Social Psychology) Questions and Answers. Try our free AP Psychology review practice test.

Social psychology is a broad field that studies how people relate to others. Our discussion will focus on the development and expression of attitudes, people’s attributions about their behavior and that of others, the reasons why people engage in both antisocial and prosocial behavior, and how the presence and actions of others influence how people behave.

This Unit deals with how groups affect the individual, how we perceive others and how others perceive us, and how groups can affect attitude change.

UNIT 9 (Social Psychology): TOPICS

9.1 Attribution Theory and Person Perception
9.2 Attitude Formation and Attitude Change
9.3 Conformity, Compliance, and Obedience
9.4 Group Influences on Behavior and Mental Processes
9.5 Bias, Prejudice, and Discrimination
9.6 Altruism and Aggression
9.7 Interpersonal Attraction

AP Psychology UNIT 9 Practice Test 2024

Test Name Advanced Placement Exam
Subject AP Psychology Practice Test 2024
Unit 9 Social Psychology
Section 1 Multiple Choice Question
Total Items 30 Sample MCQs
Time Limit 35 Minutes
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AP Psychology UNIT 9 Practice Test

AP Psychology Practice Test
Unit 9: Social Psychology
Total MCQs: 30
Time Limit: 35 Minutes

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Rosenthal and Jacobson’s “Pygmalion in the Classroom” study showed that

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On the first day of class, Mr. Simpson divides his class into four competing groups. On the fifth day of school, Jody is sent to the principal for kicking members of the other groups. Mr. Simpson can be faulted for encouraging the creation of

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On their second date, Megan confides in Francisco that she still loves to watch Rugrats. He, in turn, tells her that he still cries when he watches Bambi. These two young lovers will be brought closer together through this process of

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Which of the following is the best example of prejudice?

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After your school’s football team has a big win, students in the halls can be heard saying “We are awesome.” The next week, after the team loses to the last-place team in the league, the same students lament that “They were terrible.” The difference in these comments illustrates

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Kelley’s attribution theory says that people use which of the following kinds of information in explaining events?

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When Pasquale had his first oboe solo in the orchestra concert, his performance was far worse than it was when he rehearsed at home. A phenomenon that helps explain Pasquale’s poor performance is known as

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Janine has always hated the color orange. However, once she became a student at Princeton, she began to wear a lot of orange Princeton Tiger clothing. The discomfort caused by her long-standing dislike of the color orange and her current ownership of so much orange-and-black-striped clothing is known as

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In Asch’s conformity study, approximately what percentage of participants gave at least one incorrect response?

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Your new neighbor seems to know everything about ancient Greece that your social studies teacher says during the first week of school. You conclude that she is brilliant. You do not consider that she might already have learned about ancient Greece in her old school. You are evidencing

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Advertisements are made more effective when the communicators are

I. attractive.
II. famous.
III. perceived as experts.

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The tendency of people to look toward others for cues about the appropriate way to behave when confronted by an emergency is known as

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In the Milgram studies, the dependent measure was the

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On Monday, Tanya asked her teacher to postpone Tuesday’s test until Friday. After her teacher flatly refused, Tanya asked the teacher to push the test back one day, to Wednesday. Tanya is using the compliance strategy known as

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Which of the following suggestions is most likely to reduce the hostility felt between antagonistic groups?

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Which of the following is NOT a key determinant of whether or not two people will become friends?

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A charity sends you some greeting cards, and you feel that you should send them a small contribution. This feeling comes from the persuasion technique called

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Donald believes himself to be a patriotic citizen, but he also does not believe in attacking countries that are technologically no match for the United States. If the United States was to go to war and Donald were to be drafted, dissonance theory predicts that

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Which of the following social psychological experiments has been considered the most unethical and led to sweeping reforms in the APA ethical guidelines?

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When asked what they would do if they could be totally invisible and there would be no recrimination, most people answered that they would commit an antisocial act. Which of the following social phenomena might best be able to explain this response?

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Although Graham has not yet met his future college roommate, he learned that the roommate is a football player. He is anxious and unhappy about sharing his room with a football player because he expects that his roommate will be a “party animal” who makes studying in his room difficult. Graham’s attitude can be classified as

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In a jigsaw classroom,

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Of the following, which would be a good example of a self-serving bias?

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Which of the following factors probably plays the least important role in explaining why children often share the same political and economic values as their parents?

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The effect of one confederate selecting a different line from the others in the Asch conformity test was

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Ethnocentrism is the belief that

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You read in the newspaper that survivors in a plane accident in the Andes were discovered to have eaten other survivors during their 32-day ordeal. You will have committed the fundamental attribution error if you

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A young woman was gunned down at a gas station. A busload of onlookers saw the entire event, and no one did anything. The bus driver even stepped over the body to pay for his gas. What social psychological phenomenon best accounts for this behavior?

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Some difficult cuts needed to be made in the school board budget, and everyone on the board knew that there had to be consensus and cooperation. Even though many members disagreed with certain proposals, each one met with unanimous support or defeat. To preserve cooperation, no one offered conflicting viewpoints. Which of the following concepts is best described by this example?

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Mr. Moffatt overheard another teacher describe one of his students as lazy and unmotivated. Though Mr. Moffatt had not previously noted this tendency, he began to see exactly what the other teacher had noted. What might account for this phenomenon?

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