CPT 30000 Series CPC Practice Test 2024

CPT 30000 Series CPC Practice Test 2024 Sample Questions Answers on Respiratory, Hemic, Lymphatic, Mediastinum, Diaphragm & Cardiovascular Systems. Try our free American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) Certified Professional Coder (CPC) test for better CPC certification prep.

CPT 30000 Series CPC Practice Test 2024

Q1. A 20-year-old female, who returned from spring break in Mexico six days ago, presents to the ED with a high fever for three days, a sore throat, general aches and a miserable cough. The ED physician suspects flu and orders a rapid flu test. What ICD-9-CM code(s) should be reported?

  1. 488.19
  2. 487.1
  3. 780.60, 462, 780.96, 786.2
  4. 487.1, 780.60, 462, 786.2
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 Answer Key: C

Rationale: According to the ICD-9-CM Official Coding Guidelines Section I.B.6, signs and symptoms are reported when a related definitive diagnosis has not been established. The flu was suspected but not established therefore we code the patient’s presenting symptoms. In the Index to Diseases, see Fever directing you to 780.60. She also has a sore throat, in the Index to Diseases, look up Pharyngitis directing you to code 462. In the Index to Diseases, look up Cough directing you to 786.2. Verify these codes in the Tabular List.

Q2. 78-year-old patient with bilateral, lower lobe lung cancer has been in the hospital for seven days with a tunneled chest tube in place to drain fluid from the pleural space. The chest tube currently is inserted between the 4th and 5th intercostal space on the left side. There is a very bad infection at the insertion site. The physician removes this chest tube and inserts another chest tube between the 5th and 6th intercostal space on the left side to continue fluid drainage. The tube placed today is just the same as the one removed, only sterile. What CPT® and ICD-9-CM codes are reported?

  1. 32560, 32552-51, 998.89, 162.9
  2. 32550, 32552-51, 996.69, 162.5
  3. 32551, 32552-51, 996.69, 197.0
  4. 32561, 32552-51, 998.89, 162.9
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 Answer Key: B

Rationale: Code 32552 represents the indwelling tunneled chest tube removal and code 32550 the insertion of a new indwelling catheter/tube. In the Index to Diseases, look up Catheterization/Pleural Cavity which directs you to 32550-32552. Read both codes to confirm the selections. The infection at the insertion site of the chest tube is indexed under Complications/infection/due to (presence of) any device, implant, or gaft/catheter NEC, directing you to code 996.69. The ICD-9-CM code for the lung cancer is found using the Neoplasm Table.Look up lung/lower lobe. In the malignant primary column we are directed to code 162.5. Verification in the Tabular List confirms code selection.

Q3. A patient underwent bilateral nasal/sinus diagnostic endoscopy. Finding the airway obstructed the physician fractures the middle turbinates to perform the surgical endoscopy with total ethmoidectomy and bilateral nasal septoplasty. What CPT® codes are reported?

  1. 30930, 31255-51, 30520-51
  2. 31255-50, 30520-50-51
  3. 31231, 30130-51, 31255-50
  4. 31255, 30520-51
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 Answer Key: B

Rationale: According to the CPT® guidelines for coding of endoscopies, a surgical sinus endoscopy includes a sinusotomy and diagnostic endoscopy. In the Index, look up Ethmoidectomy/Endoscopic directing you to 31254-31255. Code 31255 represents a total ethmoidectomy. In the Index, look up Septoplasty, this directs you to code 30520. The fracturing of the turbinates is inclusive to the procedures and not reported separately, since the physician is fracturing the turbinates to perform the ethmoidectomy. Modifier 50 indicates these procedures were both performed bilaterally and modifier 51 is reported with code 30520 to indicate multiple procedures performed at same session, for maximum reimbursement.

Q4. 55-year-old female smoker presents with cough, hemoptysis, slurred speech, and weight loss. Chest X-ray done today demonstrates a large, unresectable right upper lobe mass, and brain scan is suspicious for metastasis. Under fluoroscopic guidance in an outpatient facility, a percutaneous needle biopsy of the lung lesion is performed for histopathology and tumor markers. A diagnosis of small cell carcinoma is made and chemoradiotherapy is planned. What CPT® and ICD-9-CM codes are reported?

  1. 32098, 77002-26, 162.3, 786.50, 786.39, 784.5, 783.21
  2. 32400, 77002-26, 162.9
  3. 32607, 77002-26, 786.6
  4. 32405, 77002-26, 162.3
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 Answer Key: D

Rationale: In the CPT® Index, look up Biopsy/Lung/Needle. This directs you to code 32405. Code 77002 is the appropriate code for the fluoroscopic guidance as indicated by the parenthetical statement under code 32405 and by reviewing the code descriptor for 77002. Modifier 26 is appended to report the professional component.

We have a diagnosis of small cell carcinoma of the lung which is code 162.3. In the Index, go to the Neoplasm Table and look under lung/upper lobe and the ―Primary‖ column code 162.3 is listed. The signs and symptoms are no longer codes since we do have this definitive diagnosis (ICD-9-CM Guidelines Section I.B.6) Brain metastasis is suspected but not confirmed so it would not be reported. The chemotherapy is planned but not performed so it would not be reported either.

Q5. A surgeon performs a high thoracotomy with resection of a single lung segment on a 57-year-old heavy smoker who had presented with a six-month history of right shoulder pain. An apical lung biopsy had confirmed lung cancer. What CPT® and ICD-9-CM codes are reported?

  1. 32100, 729.5
  2. 32484, 162.3
  3. 32503, 162.3
  4. 19271, 32551-51, 786.50
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 Answer Key: B

Rationale: A segment of the lung is removed. In the CPT® Index, look up Removal/Lung/ Single Segment. This directs you to code 32484.

We have a confirmed diagnosis of apical lung cancer, a cancer in an upper lobe, which is code 162.3. The term apical means the tip of a pyramidal or rounded structure, so apical lung cancer means the tumor/cancer is located at the top or upper lobe of the lung. We find this by looking in the Neoplasm Table under lung/upper lobe. In the primary malignant column we are directed to code 162.3.

Q6. A 3-year-old girl is playing with a marble and sticks it in her nose. Her mother is unable to dislodge the marble so she takes her to the physician’s office. The physician removes the marble with hemostats. What CPT® and ICD-9-CM codes are reported?

  1. 30300, 932, E912
  2. 30310, 932, E912
  3. 30150, 932, E915
  4. 30320, 932, E915
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 Answer Key: A

Rationale: Since the marble is a foreign body, look in the CPT® Index for Nose/Removal/Foreign Body. Here you are directed to use code 30300. For the ICD-9-CM code first look up in the Index to Diseases Volume 2 Foreign Body/entering through orifice/nose or nostril. This directs us to code 932.The E code is indexed in the Index to External Causes under Foreign Body, object or material/air passage/nose (with asphyxia, obstruction, suffocation) directing you to code E912.Verify codes in the Tabular List..

Q7. What is included in all vascular injection procedures?

  1. Catheters, drugs, and contrast material
  2. Selective catheterization
  3. Just the procedure itself
  4. Necessary local anesthesia, introduction of needles or catheters, injection of contrast media with or without automatic power injection, and/or necessary pre-and post injection
    care specifically related to the injection procedure
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 Answer Key: D

Rationale: CPT® guidelines under Vascular Injection Procedures indicate the above-listed in d as being included..

Q8. In the hospital setting a patient undergoes transcatheter placement of an extracranial vertebral artery stent in the right vertebral artery. Which CPT® code is reported by the physician?

  1. 0075T
  2. 35301
  3. 35005
  4. 0075T-26
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 Answer Key: D

Rationale: This is a Category III code. Look in the CPT® index under Stent/Placement/Transcatheter/Intravascular/Extracranial, and you are referred to 0075T-0076T. When you check these codes, you see S&I is included; therefore, modifier 26 reports the professional service.

Q9. Catheter advanced from the right femoral vein into the left and right pulmonary artery. The catheter was further negotiated into the right lung lower lobe. Pulmonary angiography performed in all locations, including radiologic supervision and interpretation.

  1. 36015-RT, 36014-59-LT, 75743-26, 75774-26
  2. 36015-50, 36014, 75743-26
  3. 36014-50, 75741, 75774-26
  4. 36015, 36014-59, 75741-26, 75741-59
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 Answer Key: A

Rationale: Look in the CPT® index for Pulmonary Artery/Catheterization, you are referred to 36013- 36015. 36015-RT reports the second order selective catheterization of the right pulmonary artery; 36014- 59-LT reports the first order selective catheterization in a different family of the left pulmonary artery. Look in the CPT® index for Angiography/Pulmonary, and you are referred to 75741-75746, 93568. Code 75743-26 reports bilateral pulmonary angiography, and 75774 reports the additional angiography after the basic study of the right and left pulmonary arteries. This is found in the CPT® index under Angiography/Other Artery 75774.

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