PiCAT Electronics Practice Test 2024 [PDF]

PiCAT Electronics Practice Test 2024 [PDF]. Try our free Prescreen Internet Computerized Adaptive Test (PiCAT) US Armed Forces Electronics information review questions and answers. You can also download the PiCAT Electronics Information Practice Test in PDF.

This tests your knowledge of electrical, radio, and electronic information. There are 16 questions. You are to select the correct response from the choices given. Your score on this test will be based on the number of questions you answer correctly.

PiCAT Electronics Practice Test 2024

Q1. The core of an electromagnet is usually

  • A. aluminum.
  • B. brass.
  • C. lead.
  • D. iron.
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 Answer Key: D  

Q2. An electrician should consider all electrical equipment “live” unless he or she definitely knows otherwise. The main reason for this practice is to avoid

  • A. doing unnecessary work.
  • B. energizing the wrong circuit.
  • C. personal injury.
  • D. de-energizing a live circuit.
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 Answer Key: C  

Q3. If voltage is represented by V, current by I, and resistance by R, then the one of the following that correctly states Ohm’s Law is

  • A. R = V × I
  • B. R = I/V
  • C. V = I × R
  • D. V= I/R
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 Answer Key: C  

Q4. The device used to change AC to DC is a

  • A. frequency changer.
  • B. transformer.
  • C. regulator.
  • D. rectifier.
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 Answer Key:  D 

Q5. The reading of the kilowatt-hour meter is

  • A. 9672
  • B. 1779
  • C. 2770
  • D. 0762
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 Answer Key: A  

Q6. The device that is often used to change the voltage in alternating current circuits is the

  • A. contactor.
  • B. converter.
  • C. rectifier.
  • D. transformer.
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 Answer Key:  D 

Q7. Electrical contacts are opened or closed when the electrical current energizes the coils of a device called a

  • A. reactor.
  • B. transtat.
  • C. relay.
  • D. thermostat.
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 Answer Key:  C 

Q8. To determine directly whether finished wire installations possess resistance between conductors and ground, use

  • A. clamps.
  • B. set screws.
  • C. shields.
  • D. a megger.
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 Answer Key:  D 

Q9. The five lamps shown below are each rated at 120 volts, 60 watts. If all are good lamps, lamp 5 will be

  • A. much brighter than normal.
  • B. about its normal brightness.
  • C. much dimmer than normal.
  • D. completely dark.
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 Answer Key:  D 

Q10. Microfarads are units of measurement usually associated with

  • A. sockets.
  • B. switches.
  • C. capacitors.
  • D. connectors.
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 Answer Key:  C 

Q11. The three elements of a transistor are

  • A. collector, base, emitter.
  • B. collector, grid, cathode.
  • C. plate, grid, emitter.
  • D. plate, base, cathode.
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 Answer Key:  A 

Q12. Is it proper procedure to ground the frame of a portable motor?

  • A. No.
  • B. No, if it is AC.
  • C. Yes, unless the tool is specifically designed for use without a ground.
  • D. Yes, if the operation takes place only at less than 150 volts.
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 Answer Key:  C 

Q13. In comparing Nos. 00, 8, 12, and 6 A.W.G. wires, the smallest of the group is

  • A. No. 00
  • B. No. 8
  • C. No. 12
  • D. No. 6
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 Answer Key: C  

Q14. The convenience outlet below that is known as a polarized outlet is number

  • A. 1
  • B. 2
  • C. 3
  • D. 4
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 Answer Key: A  

Q15. In a house bell circuit, the push button for ringing the bell is generally connected in the secondary of the transformer feeding the bell. One reason for doing this is to

  • A. save power.
  • B. keep line voltage out of the push button circuit.
  • C. prevent the bell from burning out.
  • D. prevent arcing of the vibrator contact points in the bell.
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 Answer Key:  B 

Q16. Wires are often spliced by the use of a fitting like the one shown below. The use of this fitting does away with the need for

  • A. skinning.
  • B. cleaning.
  • C. twisting.
  • D. soldering.
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 Answer Key: D