ASVAB Practice Test 2023 (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) PDF

ASVAB Practice Test 2023 (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force) PDF: Free sample question answers practice test for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) exam prep online. Every resource on this site, including the ASVAB practice tests, is completely free.

You can download a printable PDF file for practice Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, Mathematics Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning multiple choice questions with answers.

ASVAB Practice Test 2023

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-choice test, administered by the United States Military Entrance Processing Command, used to determine qualification for enlistment in the United States Armed Forces.  It consists of eight tests that measure your skills and abilities in the following areas:  General Science; Arithmetic Reasoning; World Knowledge; Paragraph Comprehension; Mathematics Knowledge; Electronics Information; Auto and Shop Information; Mechanical Comprehension.

The ASVAB was first introduced in 1968 and was adopted by all branches of the military in 1976. It underwent a major revision in 2002. In 2004, the test’s percentile rank scoring system was renormalized, to ensure that a score of 50% really did represent doing better than exactly 50% of the test takers.

Each of the following ASVAB Practice Test is only for reference purposes, it’s not an actual exam test. You can download our free ASVAB Practice Test in PDF, this will help you to make better ASVAB Test Prep offline.

Mode of Test

  • The computer version of the ASVAB, called the CAT-ASVAB, is an adaptive test.
  • Offline Test Called: Paper and Pencil (P&P)

CAT-ASVAB Test Content

Subtest Number of Scored Questions Number of Possible Tryout Questions Subtest Time Limit Without Tryout Questions Subtest Time Limit With Tryout Questions
General Science (GS) 15 15 10 20
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 15 15 55 113
Word Knowledge (WK) 15 15  9 18
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 10 15 27 75
Mathematics Knowledge (WK) 15 15 23 47
Electronics Information (EI) 15 15  10 21
Auto Information (AI) 10 15   7 18
Shop Information (SI) 10 15   6 17
Mechanical Comprehension (MC) 15 15 22 42
Assembling Objects (AO) 15 15 17 36

Paper-and-Pencil ASVAB Test Content

Subtest Number of Questions Time Limit (in minutes)
General Science (GS) 25 11
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) 30 36
Word Knowledge (WK) 35 11
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) 15 13
Mathematics Knowledge (MK) 25 24
Electronics Information (EI) 20  9
Auto & Shop Information (AS) 25 11
Mechanical Comprehension 25 19
Assembling Objects (AO) 25 15
Total 225 149

ASVAB Sub Test

The ASVAB subtests are designed to measure aptitudes in four domains: Verbal, Math, Science and Technical, and Spatial. The table below describes the content of the ASVAB subtests. The subtests are presented in the order in which they are administered.

Subtest Description Domain
General Science (GS) Knowledge of physical and biological sciences Science/
Arithmetic Reasoning (AR) Ability to solve Arithmetic word problems Math
Word Knowledge (WK) Ability to select the correct meaning of words presented in context and to identify the best synonym for a given word Verbal
Paragraph Comprehension (PC) Ability to obtain information from written passages Verbal
Math Knowledge (MK) Knowledge of high school mathematics principles Math
Electronics Information (EI) Knowledge of electricity and electronics Science/
* Auto Information (AI) Knowledge of automobile technology Science/
* Shop Information (SI) Knowledge of tools and shop terminology and practices Science/
Mechanical Comprehension (MC) Knowledge of mechanical and physical principles Science/
Assembling Objects (AO) Ability to determine how an object will look when its parts are put together Spatial
* The ASVAB is administered via both paper-and-pencil and computer formats in the Enlistment Testing Program.
AI and SI are administered as separate subtests in the computer administration but combined into one single score (labeled AS). AI and SI are combined into one single subtest (AS) in the paper-and-pencil administration. Scores on the combined subtest (AS) are reported for both the computer and paper-and-pencil administration.

What is AFQT?

The ASVAB has 10 tests. Your scores from four of the tests—Word Knowledge (WK), Paragraph Comprehension (PC), Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), and Mathematics Knowledge (MK)—are combined to compute your score on what is referred to as the Armed Forces Qualification Test (AFQT). Scores on the AFQT are used to determine your eligibility for enlistment in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine Corps. Scores on all of the ASVAB tests are used to determine the best job for you in the military.

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Test Score

Test scores provide only one measure of your skills and abilities.  Test scores and grades, combined with information about your interests, values, skills, and achievements may help you select appropriate occupations for career exploration.  As you explore careers, you can compare your skills with the skill requirements of occupations in which you are interested.

Resources and Study Guide 2023

You do not have to go through any lengthy preparation to take the ASVAB. Getting a good night’s rest and arriving on time to take the test are the two most important steps you can take to prepare. As with other tests, how much you have learned in school through the years and your motivation to do well will probably make the most difference in your results. Taking the sample tests at the end of this booklet can give you an idea of the kinds of questions you will encounter.

The ASVAB Career Exploration– The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test program website provides information about the free ASVAB Career Exploration Program for students, parents, educators, and counselors.

Study Guide

The following files also included ASVAB Practice Test sample questions and a guide.