Reading Practice Test – 5 (Reading Comprehension)

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 Practice Test Name Reading Comprehension Test
Test Type Sample Question with Answers
Question Type Multiple Choice
Passage Type Reading Passages
Difficulty Level High School
Printable/Editable File Available Yes PDF & DOC
Total Question 10
Prerequisite NONE

Reading Practice Test – 5 (Reading Comprehension)


For all questions: Read each passage. Then answer each question carefully by choosing the best answer.

Q1. The Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Department routinely conducts price verification inspections at retail locations to confirm that prices charged to consumers are the same as those posted or advertised. On a typical visit to a store, the inspector will select up to 15 items and then take them to the check stand for payment. When the items’ bar codes are scanned at the register, the price showing at the register must match what is posted on the shelf or advertised. If the prices do not match, the store will receive a notice of violation and the case may be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office or local city attorney for prosecution.

According to the passage,

🔘 A. an inspector will usually find a pricing error when 15 items are being purchased.
🔘 B. an item costing less than the announced price will not be considered a violation.
🔘 C. a store receives a violation when the shelf or advertised price does not match the charged price.
🔘 D. price violation cases are automatically turned over to the appropriate jurisdiction’s attorney office.
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The correct answer is C. The passage states that a store will receive a violation if the price showing at the register does not “match what is posted on the shelf or advertised.”
Q2. Animal Care and Control (ACC) is one of the largest and most progressive animal control agencies in the United States. The ACC operates six animal shelters serving all unincorporated County areas and 50 contract cities. The ACC covers more than 3,200 square miles of cities, deserts, beaches, and mountains; from the
Antelope Valley in the north to the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the south; as far east as the border of San Bernardino County and west all the way to Thousand Oaks. The ACC provides animal control and rescue services 24 hours a day, seven days a week in our service area.According to the passage,
🔘 A.  the ACC handles only domestic animals.
🔘 B.  the ACC provides control and rescue services for some cities.
🔘 C. Animal Care and Control operates within and outside of Los Angeles County
🔘 D. services are provided to any city or unincorporated area within the 3,200 miles covered
by the Agency.
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The correct answer is B. The passage states that the ACC serves 50 contract cities..”
Q3. The Fire Department protects the lives of County residents, the environment, and property within its own jurisdiction. The department provides prompt, skillful, and cost-effective fire protection and life-saving services to nearly 19,495 incorporated cities in County areas. Within its current budget is a major departmental reorganization to enhance community service, including the addition of seven community services representatives.

According to the passage, the Fire Department is

🔘 A.  having budgetary problems due to a reorganization
🔘 B. charged with protecting only the property of County residents.
🔘 C.  responsible for the unincorporated areas of the County.
🔘 D. increasing its jurisdiction over additional cities within the County.
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The correct answer is C. The passage states that the Fire Department provides services to residents in “all unincorporated County areas.
Q4. The Children’s Services Ombudsman serves as an advocate and problem solver for children placed in group homes. The Ombudsman is independent from the agencies that place children in those facilities. Children are encouraged to call or email the Ombudsman who will conduct an investigation of the issues they raise if needed and provide assistance in resolution of problems. Conversations between the Ombudsman and children are confidential.

According to the information provided, 

🔘 A.  anonymous letters sent to the Ombudsman through the mail will not be acted upon.
🔘 B. the Ombudsman is a resource to assist children who reside in group homes to solve their problems.
🔘 C. agencies that place the children are responsible for ensuring that all complaints made by the children are kept confidential.
🔘 D. issues brought to the Ombudsman that merit an investigation will be mediated solely by the Ombudsman.
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The correct answer is B. The passage states that the “Ombudsman serves as an advocate and problem solver for children placed in group homes.
Q5. The term “certified” used in the phrase “Certified Farmers‘ Markets” means that the produce is brought to the market straight from the farm, either by the farmer personally or by an employee. Only County grown produce may be certified. The County agricultural inspectors visit and certify participating farms growing crops locally. They inspect the markets and review all farmers’ papers for accuracy, thereby certifying that the farmers are selling only what they, themselves, have grown.

Based on the information provided, which of the following statements is CORRECT?

🔘 A.  The inspection process is determined by the type of produce being grown.
🔘 B. Agricultural inspectors are responsible for determining if local farmers meet requirements for certification.
🔘 C. Farmers who bring produce that they purchased from another farmer who grew the produce locally are eligible to be certified.
🔘 D. Produce sold at a “Certified Farmers’ Market” is always of better quality than other produce.
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The correct answer is B. The passage states that the agricultural inspectors determine certification for farms by inspecting markets and reviewing all paperwork for accuracy.
Q6. Through the years, the 10-story Patriotic Hall has been a familiar sight to those who have traveled the freeways near downtown Los Angeles. Patriotic Hall stands as a historical icon amidst an ever-changing skyline. Owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles, Patriotic Hall is a practical and living memorial to veterans. It was dedicated by the Board of Supervisors in 1926. Members of the Grand Army of the Republic, veterans of Indian Wars, Spanish American War veterans, and World War I veterans were among the first to use the facilities.

According to the passage, Patriotic Hall

🔘 A.  does not honor veterans of post-WWI wars
🔘 B. was built as a local memorial to honor the veterans of the community.
🔘 C. will need to be renovated as the skyline of downtown Los Angeles undergoes change.
🔘 D. is used as a residence by veterans of various wars.
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The correct answer is B. The passage states that Patriotic Hall is owned and operated by the County of Los Angeles and is “a practical and living memorial to veterans.
Q7. Congress is bound by Article I, Section 8 of theU.S. Constitution: Evolutionary Powers: The “elastic,” or implied powers, clause gives Congress the authority to pass laws it deems “necessary and proper” to carry out its enumerated functions. Many Congressional powers that have evolved over the years are based on this important clause.

The American Congress has more power than any legislature among the world’s modern democracies. The parliaments of Europe are often “arena” legislatures that provide a forum for debate on policies proposed by a powerful prime minister or president. Only the American democracy enables its legislature with the critical role of setting the lawmaking agenda. Source:

What are these powers called?

🔘 A.  Evolutionary powers
🔘 B.  Congressional powers
🔘 C. Executive powers
🔘 D. Presidential powers
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The correct answer is B   Congressional powers.”
Q8. The Scientific Services Bureau operates one of the largest full-service crime laboratories in the United States. A staff of 198 members provides forensic science support to all Los Angeles County law enforcement agencies, except the Los Angeles Police Department. Approximately one half of the nearly 70,000 cases submitted annually to the Crime Lab is from Sheriff’s Department investigators, while the remainder is from local, state, and federal agencies. Since 1989 the Scientific Services Bureau has been an accredited laboratory through the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB).

According to the passage,

🔘 A.  the Bureau initiated its operation in 1989.
🔘 B.  the crime lab is the largest lab of its kind in the country.
🔘 C. the crime lab is capable of performing all required forensic lab analysis.
🔘 D. the number of cases the crime lab received increased after it received its accreditation.
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The correct answer is C. The passage states that the Bureau operates a “full-service” crime lab. .”
Q9. County law requires that all dogs over the age of four months be licensed as a rabies control measure. Making sure your dog has its current license attached to its collar is also your best insurance of having your dog returned to you in case the dog becomes lost or gets out of your yard. The dog license also lets the Animal Care and Control Department staff know if your pet is currently vaccinated against rabies. The money received from dog license fees helps the department continue to provide quality animal care and control services 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

The passage implies that

🔘 A.  dogs that do not wear a collar are more likely not to be licensed.
🔘 B. fees collected for dog licenses are used to pay for rabies vaccinations that are available 24 hours a day.
🔘 C. dogs that are not vaccinated and are lost will not be returned to their owners.
🔘 D. a dog that has a license attached to its collar is less likely to remain lost.
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The correct answer is D. The passage states that making sure your dog has its current license “is your best insurance of having your dog returned to you.”
Q10. Prior to the implementation of any exterior modifications or improvements to any Marina del Rey parcel, review and approval of plans by the Design Control Board (DCB) is required. This includes new development, renovations, repainting, signage, re-landscaping, etc. The DCB can approve a submittal as proposed, approve it with revisions, or deny it. Depending on the type of request, additional permits may be required from the Department of Public Works Division of Building & Safety, the Department of Regional Planning and the County Coastal Commission.

Based on the information provided,

🔘 A.  A business that obtains approval from the DCB will be able to proceed with its plans without further restrictions.
🔘 B. The DCB has the authority to suspend new developments that do not conform to the approved submittal.
🔘 C. The implementation of a redesign plan for an indoor restroom facility of a restaurant in Marina del Rey would be subjected to approval by the DCB.
🔘 D.  A modification to the landscaping of a parcel in the Marina will be subject to DCB review.
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The correct answer is D. The passage states that any exterior modifications or improvements must be reviewed and approved by the DCB. It further states that modifications or improvements include “renovations, re-painting, signage, re-landscaping, etc.”

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