Word Analogies Practice Test 2024 Questions Answers (PDF)

Word Analogies Practice Test 2024: Download the free printable worksheet PDF for the word analogy practice test with answers and explanations. This practice will help you with any standardized exam in the United States.


  • A. canary : cage
  • B. ox : plough
  • C. dog : leash
  • D. beaver : dam
  • E. silver fox : trap
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 Answer: C

The first noun here is an animal, the second a means of controlling it, as a “horse” is controlled by a “bridle.” The parallel is a “dog” ontrolled by a “leash.” 


  • A. mouse : mousetrap
  • B. angler : lure
  • C. language : code
  • D. treasure : map
  • E. predator : prey
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 Answer: B

The second of the two nouns is what the first uses to entice its prey: A “hunter” uses a “decoy” to attract ducks. The parallel is an “angler” (one who fishes) who uses a “lure” to attract fish. It is the human, not the mouse, who sets the mousetrap. 


  • A. poem : ballad
  • B. drama : actor
  • C. music : score
  • D. grocer : vegetable
  • E. automobile : truck
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 Answer: A

The second of the two nouns is an example or type of the more general first word. One kind of “herb” is “oregano.” One kind of “poem” is a  ballad.”  


  • A. conductor : symphony
  • B. artist : model
  • C. director : actor
  • D. ingredient : recipe
  • E. playwright : play
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 Answer: E

The two nouns denote an artist and the work he or she creates. A “choreographer” (the roots of the word are “dance” and “write” or “draw”) designs the movements or contents of a dance, as the playwright is responsible for the contents of a “play.” A better parallel for A would have “composer” in place of “conductor.” 


  • A. dislike : tolerate
  • B. approve : question
  • C. adore : worship
  • D. conjugate : spell
  • E. inhibit : inhere
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 Answer: C

These words are synonyms, both meaning to grow embittered or to become painful or infected. Though totally unlike “fester” and “rankle” in
meaning, the relationship of “worship” and “adore” is similar. Both mean to love or honor greatly  


  • A. naïve : sophistication
  • B. inattentive : tedium
  • C. enthusiastic : alacrity
  • D. secure : confidence
  • E. narrow-minded : bias
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 Answer: A 

The two words here are an adjective that could describe a person and a noun that would “not” be a quality of such a person. “Disinterested” (not “uninterested”) means fair or impartial. A “disinterested” person would avoid or not be characterized by “prejudice.” Similarly, a person who is “naive” (simple, artless) would not be characterized by “sophistication.