ServSafe Practice Test and Answer Key 2022 Explanation

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ServSafe Practice Test and Answer Key 2022

Practice Test Name ServSafe Practice Test and Answer Key 2022
Test Prep for ServSafe Food Manager and Food Handler
Type of test Diagnostic Test Quiz
Total Questions in the Test 80 Questions Answers
Question Type Multiple-Choice Question Answers
Printable & Editable PDF YES
Topic Covered Random
Test Language English

ServSafe Practice Test and Answer Key 2022

ServSafe Practice Test and Answer Key 2022
Test Type: Diagnostic Test
Based on ServSafe Manager Book 7th Edition
Total Question: 80
Explanation: YES
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How high must legs be on table-mounted equipment?

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A food handler who is receiving a food delivery observes signs of pests in the food. What should be done?

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Which individual should apply pesticides in a foodservice operation?

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The water provided to a handwashing sink must be

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A food handler drops the end of a hose into a mop bucket and turns the water on to fill it. What has the food handler done wrong?

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A handwashing station should have hot and cold water, soap, a way to dry hands, and a

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What information should a master cleaning schedule contain?

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What are the most important food safety features to look for when selecting flooring, wall, and ceiling materials?

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To prevent backflow, a sink must be equipped with a(n)

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Grease and condensation buildup on surfaces can be avoided with correct

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When the kitchen garbage can was full, an employee placed the full garbage bag on a prep table and tied it securely. Then he carried it to the Dumpster and disposed of it. What was done incorrectly?

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Where should garbage cans be cleaned?

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A food-contact surface must be cleaned and sanitized

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What is the minimum temperature for the final rinse in a heat-sanitizing dishwasher?

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After scraping and washing, what is the third step in cleaning and sanitizing a prep table?

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The first step in cleaning and sanitizing items in a three-compartment sink is

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Which surfaces must be both cleaned and sanitized?

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Which does not require sanitizing?

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A buser poured some cleaner from its original container into a smaller working container. What else does the buser need to do?

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What is the correct way to store mops in between uses?

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Which feature is most important for a chemical storage area?

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When must a consumer advisory be provided for menu items containing TCS food?

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A cook wore single-use gloves while forming raw ground beef into patties and continued to wear them while slicing hamburger buns. What mistake was made?

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Which food item may be handled with bare hands?

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An operation has a buffet with 8 different items on it. How many serving utensils are needed to serve the items on the buffet?

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A hotel food handler removes cold tuna salad from the cooler at 9:00 a.m. and delivers it to a conference room for an 11:00 a.m. buffet luncheon, where it is held without temperature control. By what time must the tuna salad be served or thrown out?

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A food handler has been holding chicken salad for sandwiches in a cold well for seven hours. When she checks the temperature of the chicken salad, it is 54°F (12°C). What must the food handler do?

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Cold food being held without temperature control for up to six hours cannot exceed which temperature while it is being served?

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What minimum temperature must be maintained when holding hot soup for service?

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Which is a Big Eight food allergen?

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To prevent food allergens from being transferred to food,

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Which symptom could mean a customer is having an allergic reaction to food?

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Which is an example of physical contamination?

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Using the same knife to chop carrots for a salad immediately after cutting up raw chicken is an example of

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The 6 conditions bacteria need to grow are food, acidity, temperature, time, oxygen, and

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Which is a biological contaminant?

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Which is a chemical contaminant?

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A food handler with a sore throat and a fever should be excluded from working in a daycare center because of the children.

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What food item does the FDA advise against offering on a children’s menu?

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Food being cooled must pass quickly through which temperature range to reduce pathogen growth?

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Which method is a safe way to thaw food?

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Hot TCS food being hot-held for service must be at what temperature?

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Food must be cooled from 135°F (57°C) to within 2 hours.

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What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for seafood?

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When delivering food for off-site service, raw poultry must be stored.

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Cold food can be held intentionally without temperature control for hours if it does not exceed 70°F (21°C).

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A food item that is received with an expired use-by date should be

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What must a manager do with a recalled food item in the operation?

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What should be done to ready-to-eat TCS food prepped on-site and held for longer than 24 hours?

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How should chemicals be stored?

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Soup on a buffet should be labeled with the

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Which item should be rejected?

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What is the most important factor in choosing an approved food supplier?

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Ice crystals on a frozen food item indicate

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How should the temperature of a shipment of sour cream be taken when it arrives at an operation?

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What should food handlers do after prepping food and before using the restroom?

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Where should personal items, like a coat, be stored in the operation?

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What should food handlers do with their gloves after handling raw meat and before handling produce?

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A recall has been issued for a specific brand of orange juice. The store manager has matched the information from the recall notice to the item, removed the item from inventory, and stored it in a secure location. What should the manager do next?

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Supplies should be stored away from the walls and at least off of the floor.

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What is a basic characteristic of a virus?

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When should a food handler with a sore throat and fever be excluded from the operation?

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In addition to other criteria, how many people must have the same symptoms in order for a foodborne illness to be considered an outbreak?

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What is the only jewelry that may be worn on the hands or arms while handling food?

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What should a food handler do when working with an infected cut on the finger?

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When may food handlers wear plain-band rings?

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What is the main reason for food handlers to avoid scratching their scalps?

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After which activity must food handlers wash their hands?

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When washing hands, what is the minimum time that food handlers should scrub hands and arms with soap?

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What must food handlers do after touching their body or clothing?

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Where should food handlers wash their hands?

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To prevent the deliberate contamination of food, a manager should know whom to contact about suspicious activity, monitor the security of products, keep information related to food security on file, and know

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What is the best way to protect food from deliberate tampering?

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An imminent health hazard, such as a water supply interruption, requires immediate correction or

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A power outage has left hot TCS food out of temperature control for six hours. What must be done with the food?

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One way for managers to show that they know how to keep food safe is to

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A manager walks around the kitchen every hour to answer questions and check whether staff members are following procedures. This is an example of which step in active managerial control?

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After seeing them cooked to an incorrect temperature, a manager asks a chef to continue cooking chicken breasts. This is an example of which step in active managerial control?

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A manager’s responsibility to actively control risk factors for foodborne illnesses is called

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The purpose of a food safety management system is to

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