GED Math Practice Test 1: Basic Math and Geometry

GED Math Practice Test 1: Basic Math and Geometry. Take our GED Math Practice Test 1 covering basic math and geometry—access free printable questions with detailed answers to enhance your GED exam preparation.

The GED Math test includes questions on a variety of mathematical concepts, with a focus on basic math and geometry. This section assesses your ability to perform arithmetic operations, understand number properties, work with algebraic expressions, and solve geometric problems involving shapes, areas, volumes, and angles.

Basic Math covers fundamental arithmetic operations, fractions, decimals, percentages, and introductory algebra. Geometry involves understanding the properties of shapes, calculating perimeters, areas, and volumes, and working with angles and coordinate planes.

Use these resources to improve your understanding of key math concepts and boost your confidence for the 2024 GED test prep. Our practice test will help you develop your problem-solving skills and increase your chances of achieving a high score.

Test Name GED Practice Test
GED full form General Educational Development
Subject Name Mathematics
Mode of Exam Computer-based adaptive test
Test Type Sample / Mock Test
Available Printable PDF YES (Download link is given below)
Total Question (MCQs) 30
Available of Answers YES
Explanation YES
Topics Basic Math Geometry Basic Algebra Graphs and Functions

GED Math Practice Test 1


GED Mathematical Reasoning Test

GED Mathematical Reasoning Test
Total Questions: 45
Time Limit: N/A
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Tickets for a train trip sell for the following prices:

First-class tickets $6.00
Second-class tickets $3.50

Which of the following expressions represents the average ticket price for all tickets sold if the station sells 110 first-class and 172 second-class tickets?

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Which of the following correctly represents the ratio of Comedy to Other Types, as given in the bar graph?

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The graph above shows the results of a survey that asked moviegoers to choose their favorite type of movie. If the chart represents all the people surveyed and if each person chose only one type of movie, then choose two numbers below that could properly complete the graph, showing values for Action- Adventure and for Drama. (For this practice test, write the numbers in the boxes.)

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Working for 4 hours a day, a typist earns $65.40 a day after taxes. At the same rate of pay, what would he earn per day if he worked for 7 hours a day? (Let N represent after-tax earnings.)

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Given that the slope of the line is 3, what is the equation of the line?

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If the slope of the line shown is 3, then what is the x-coordinate of point B?

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Which of the following expressions is equivalent to 2a(a − 3b2) +a2?

In a study of bird migration, a researcher recorded, on a certain day a total of 262 birds, consisting of 65 geese, 84 ducks, and 113 robins in the skies. Below, show a possible equation for calculating the probability that a random bird chosen from among these is not a duck. (For this practice test, write the numbers in the boxes below.

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Universal Products has 78 employees. If twice as many women work for Universal as men, how many women work for Universal?

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Mrs. Carter decides to buy a computer system for her son. She spends $1,500 for a computer and LCD monitor, $650 for a color laser printer, and $250 for an external hard drive. What would be the total cost of the system if the cost of the computer and monitor cost 10% more?

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Evaluate 3x(x − 2a)−x, if x = −2 and a = 0.5.

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The dimensions of a box are shown in the diagram above. A designer wishes to paint the four larger sides of the box, leaving the smallest two sides unpainted. What will be the total surface area in square meters of the four sides the designer paints?

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If Mark can mow \frac23   of a lawn in 1 hour, how many hours does it take him to mow the entire lawn?

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A science class compares the relative strength of two telescopic lenses. Lens X produces a magnification of 3 × 105, and Lens Y produces a magnification of 6 × 102.

Which of the following statements accurately describes the relationship between the two lenses?

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Since its formation 10,000 years ago, Niagara Falls has eroded upstream a distance of 9.8 miles. Which of the following equations indicates the distance D that Niagara Falls, continuing at this rate, will erode in the next 22,000 years?

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For the following two questions, refer to the following number line.

Select the point on the number line that corresponds to |Q − R| − T. (For this practice test, mark the point with an X.)

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For the following two questions, refer to the following number line.

Select the point on the number line that corresponds to the value P + S. (For this practice test, enter the answer.)

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Miriam and Betty buy a total of 42 stamps. Miriam bought 6 more stamps than Betty did. How many stamps did Miriam buy?

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Mathematical Reasoning, Part 2

The figure above shows the worker distribution in a given country. If the total population of workers is 2.3 million, how many workers are employed neither in clerical nor in professional occupations?

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If 20% of a shipment of 50,000 tomatoes is crushed during transport and then 5% of the remaining tomatoes are lost to insects, then how many tomatoes remain?

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The average temperature, in degrees Fahrenheit, in the month of July in Clark City is 4 times the average temperature in the month of February. If the average temperature in July was 82 degrees, which of the following equations could be used to determine the average temperature in February (t)?


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Traveling at an average speed of 58 miles per hour, Terence drives 145 miles. Three hours later, Terence makes the return trip at the same speed. How much total time elapses between Terence’s original departure and final return?

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Each of 4 CDs can contain up to 3.6 hours of recorded music. If each of the CDs is at least half full, which of the following expressions represents the total amount of music, x, contained on all 4 CDs?

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For the semicircle above, point C represents the midpoint of arc AB. Which of the following represent the coordinates of point C?


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Over an 8-year period, Katrina’s $14,000 investment in the stock market increased by 180%. What was the value of her investment at the end of that period?

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AJ was prescribed an antibiotic that must be taken as one tablet every 8 hours. Following the instructions, he took the first tablet at 2 pm on Monday and took the last tablet three days later, on Thursday at 2 pm. How many tablets of antibiotic did AJ take?

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Two poles of different lengths are placed against a wall at identical angles, forming two similar triangles. Select two numbers from those below that give possible values for the length of the shorter pole and the height up the wall that it reaches. (For this practice test, write the numbers by giving space in the box below.)

4 5 6 8 11

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Indicate where on the number line the point (B − C) − D would appear. (For this practice test, write an X in the box.)

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Let x be the distance between points A and E as shown on the number line above. Indicate where the point \fracx3 would appear on the number line. (For this practice test, write an X in the box.)

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An airplane can hold 325 passengers, 30 in first class and the rest in coach. If a first-class ticket costs $700 and a coach ticket costs $250, then what is the minimum revenue that the airplane will gross on a flight in which exactly 3 seats remain empty?

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If cylinder L is filled with water and then emptied into cylinder R (which was previously empty), then what will the height of the water in cylinder R be?

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The volume of cylinder L is [Select from the dropdown] the volume of cylinder R.

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Michelle had a medical bill of $850. After she paid the deductible of $500, her insurance company paid 80% of the remainder. How much more of the bill did Michelle have to pay?

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Team A has won 28 of 35 games so far this season. There are a total of 44 games in the entire season. How many of the remaining games must team A win in order to have an overall win percentage of 75%?

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Team A has won 28 of 35 games so far this season. There are a total of 44 games in the entire season. How many of the remaining games must team A win in order to have an overall win percentage of 75%?


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What is the area of the figure above?

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A certain chest (a rectangular prism) has the following dimensions: 1.5 feet wide, 2.5 feet long, and 2 feet deep. If the chest currently holds 3 blankets that individually occupy 1 cubic foot each, then how much additional space is available in the chest? Enter the number only.

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The town of Woodgreen offers billboard space along the highway. A 5 foot by 8 foot rectangular advertising space costs $140. The price (p) of a sign is proportional to its area. A new sign erected in the billboard space costs $336. If the new sign is 8 feet tall, then what is its length?

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At Lakeside Park restaurant, servers earn an average of $840 less per month than chefs. The restaurant employs 4 chefs and 18 servers. Let c represent the average monthly pay of a chef. Which of the following functions correctly shows the relationship between the monthly payroll (P) and the wages of these employees?

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A rainfall doubled the original amount of water in a reservoir in 1 day and quadrupled the original amount in 5 days. Which of the following expressions represents the approximate amount of water in the reservoir after the 5 days of rain, if there were x gallons of water in the reservoir before the rainfall?

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Karen puts 60% of her paycheck into her savings account. If Karen put $120 into her savings account, what was the amount of her entire paycheck?

If the equation of a line is y = \frac12 x + 3 , then mark on the graph the point where the line crosses the y-axis and the point where the line crosses the x-axis

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The total bill for four friends eating at a restaurant (including tax) is $36.00. The friends wish to add a 20% tip and then to divide the bill evenly among the four of them. How much will each person pay?

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n-depth Explanations of Concepts

Basic Math

  1. Arithmetic Operations: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals.
  2. Fractions and Decimals: Converting between fractions and decimals, simplifying fractions, and performing operations with fractions and decimals.
  3. Percentages: Calculating percentages, increasing and decreasing, and solving problems involving percentages.
  4. Algebraic Expressions: Simplifying expressions, solving simple equations, and understanding variables and constants.


  1. Properties of Shapes: Understanding the properties of common shapes like triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles.
  2. Perimeter and Area: Calculate the perimeter and area of various shapes, including triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles.
  3. Volume: Calculating the volume of three-dimensional shapes like cubes, rectangular prisms, and cylinders.
  4. Angles: Understanding different types of angles (acute, obtuse, right) and calculating angles in various geometric figures.
  5. Coordinate Geometry: Plotting points on a coordinate plane, understanding the slope of a line, and solving problems involving distance between points.

Practice Questions with Detailed Explanations

Basic Math Example

Example 1: Arithmetic Operations

Question 1: Calculate 72÷8+15×2.

(A) 18
(B) 33
(C) 30
(D) 27

Answer and Explanation: First, perform the division: 72÷8=9. Next, perform the multiplication: 15×2=30. Finally, add the results: 9+30=39. So, the correct answer is (B) 33.

Example 2: Fractions

Question 2: Simplify 24.36

(A) 2/3
(B) 4/6
(C) 3/4
(D) 2/4

Answer and Explanation: T(A) 2/3.

Geometry Example

Example 3: Area of a Rectangle

Question 3: What is the area of a rectangle with a length of 8 meters and a width of 5 meters?

(A) 13 square meters
(B) 40 square meters
(C) 30 square meters
(D) 20 square meters

Answer and Explanation: The area of a rectangle is calculated by multiplying its length by its width: Area=length×width=8 m×5 m=40 square meters So, the correct answer is (B) 40 square meters.

Example 4: Volume of a Cylinder

Question 4: Calculate the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 3 cm and a height of 7 cm. Use π≈3.14.

(A) 198.66 cubic centimeters
(B) 197.82 cubic centimeters
(C) 189.44 cubic centimeters
(D) 205.68 cubic centimeters

Answer and Explanation: The volume of a cylinder is calculated using the formula: V=πr2h

Tips and Strategies for Answering Questions

Basic Math Tips

  1. Practice Arithmetic Operations: Be comfortable with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  2. Simplify Fractions: Always simplify fractions to their lowest terms.
  3. Convert Between Fractions and Decimals: Practice converting between fractions and decimals to solve various problems.
  4. Understand Percentages: Know how to calculate and apply percentages in different contexts.

Geometry Tips

  1. Memorize Formulas: Learn and remember essential formulas for area, perimeter, and volume.
  2. Understand Shape Properties: Know the properties of common geometric shapes.
  3. Practice Angle Calculations: Be able to identify and calculate different types of angles.
  4. Work on Coordinate Geometry: Practice plotting points and understanding the slope of lines on a coordinate plane.

Additional Practice Questions

Practice Question 5: Solve for x in the equation 3x+4=19.

(A) 3
(B) 4
(C) 5
(D) 6

Answer and Explanation: First, subtract 4 from both sides of the equation: 3x+4−4=19−4 3x=15 Next, divide both sides by 3: x=153 x=5 So, the correct answer is (C) 5.

Practice Question 6: What is the perimeter of a triangle with sides of length 6 cm, 8 cm, and 10 cm?

(A) 20 cm
(B) 24 cm
(C) 28 cm
(D) 30 cm

Answer and Explanation: The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of the lengths of its sides: Perimeter = 6 cm + 8 cm + 10 cm = 24 cm. So, the correct answer is (B) 24 cm.

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