CHSPE Practice Test 2024 Study Guide PDF (UPDATE)

CHSPE Practice Test 2024 Study Guide PDF (UPDATED) Prepare for the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) with our updated 2024 practice test and study guide. Try our CHSPE questions and answers for Mathematics and English-language arts (reading and writing) to enhance your test prep.

Download the CHSPE Practice Test 2024 and the official Study Guide PDF. Use these resources to review key concepts and improve your chances of success on the CHSPE.

The California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE) is the equivalent of California’s high school diploma. The CHSPE is an early exit testing program established under California law (California Education Code Section 48412).

CHSPE Practice Test 2024

CHSPE Preparation Book 2022-2024: CHSPE Study Guide and Practice Test Questions for the California High School Proficiency Exam. Our CHSPE Practice Test Questions Answers are the best practice you can find. That’s why the CHSPE Test Prep Practice questions are as close to the actual CHSPE test.

CHSPE Math Practice Test 2023

CHSPE Math Practice Test 2024 

CHSPE ELA Reading Pretest

CHSPE Reading Practice Test

CHSPE Test 2024

If eligible to take the test, you can earn the legal equivalent of a high school diploma by passing the CHSPE. The CHSPE consists of two sections: an English-language Arts section and a Mathematics section.

California residents may take the CHSPE only if they meet one of the following requirements on the test date:

  • –At least sixteen years old or older, or
  • –Has been enrolled in grade 10 for one academic year or longer, or
  • –Will complete one academic year of enrollment in grade 10 at the end of the semester, during which the CHSPE will be conducted.

To register, test takers enrolled in schools outside of California must be 16 years or older on the test date.

Test Administrator California State Board of Education
Subjects Mathematics (50), English-language arts (Reading 84), Language (48), Writing Task (1)
Test Purpose Early exit from high school
Test Duration 3.5 hours
Regions California
Test Re-take Limit No Limit
Test Language English only.
No. of tests offered three times a year

CHSPE Test Section Specifications

The California High School Proficiency Examination (CHSPE) consists of two test sections: English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics. Both sections must be passed to receive a Certificate of Proficiency. The ELA section consists of two subtests: Language and Reading. Both subtests must be passed to pass the ELA section. The two subtests do not have to be passed at the same test administration and can be taken separately.

A) Mathematics Section

The Mathematics section has 50 multiple-choice questions that assess content in the following areas: number sense and operations; patterns, relationships, and algebra; data, statistics, and probability; and geometry and measurement. The questions also assess the mathematical processes of communication and representation, estimation, mathematical connections, reasoning, and problem-solving. A reference sheet containing the necessary formulas is provided.

  1. Number Sense and Operations: 9 MCQs
  2. Patterns, Relationships, and Algebra: 15 MCQs
  3. Data, Statistics, and Probability: 12 MCQs
  4. Geometry and Measurement: 14 MCQs

B. ELA Section – Reading Subtest

The Reading subtest has 54 reading comprehension questions and 30 vocabulary questions, all of which are multiple-choice. The reading comprehension questions test initial understanding, interpretation, critical analysis, and strategies using three types of text: literary, informational, and functional. The vocabulary questions assess synonyms, multiple-meaning words, and context clues.

  1. Comprehension Initial Understanding: 10 MCQs
  2. Comprehension Interpretation: 20 MCQs
  3. Comprehension Critical Analysis: 14 MCQs
  4. Comprehension Strategies: 10 MCQs
  5. Vocabulary Synonyms: 12 MCQs
  6. Vocabulary Multiple Meaning Words: 6 MCQs
  7. Vocabulary Context Clues: 12 MCQs

ELA Section – Language Subtest

The Language subtest has 48 multiple-choice questions and one writing task, both of which must be completed at the same administration. Please note that if only the writing task or only the multiple-choice questions are taken in one administration, the Language subtest cannot be passed.

The multiple-choice questions measure language mechanics and language expression. For the writing task an expository essay is written, which will be scored on both writing proficiency and ability to address the subject.

  1. Mechanics Capitalization: 8 MCQs
  2. Mechanics Usage: 8 MCQs
  3. Mechanics Punctuation: 8 MCQs
  4. Expressions Sentence Structure: 10 MCQs
  5. Expressions Prewriting: 5 MCQs
  6. Expressions Content and Organization: 9 MCQs
    >>>> Total Questions 48 MCQs
  7. Writing Task Writing Task 1

Minimum CHSPE Passing Score

A scaled score of at least 350 is required to pass the Reading subtest.

The passing standard for the Language subtest is based on combining the multiple-choice and writing task scores. The combination of scores needed to pass the language subtest is listed below.

  • 2 or lower. The language subtest cannot be passed with a writing task score of 2 or lower.
  • 2.5 At least 365
  • 3 At least 350
  • 3.5 At least 342

If I pass the test?

Suppose you pass both sections of the CHSPE. In that case, the California State Board of Education will award you a Certificate of Proficiency, which by state law is equivalent to a high school diploma (although not equivalent to completing all coursework required for regular graduation from high school).

All persons and institutions subject to California law that require a high school diploma for any purpose must accept the certificate as satisfying the requirement.

Although state laws do not bind federal government agencies, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management has ruled that the Certificate of Proficiency shall be accepted in applications for federal civilian employees, and the U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid recognizes the CHSPE as the equivalent of a high school diploma in applications for federal financial aid. Military service policies vary. Check with your recruiter for details. If you are planning to attend a university or college, contact the individual institutions to verify entrance requirements.

CHSPE Study Guide

There are many CHSPE Practice Tests with study guides available on the Internet. We have found the following CHSPE Practice Test and study guide for you. You can download these files in PDF.

For more information about the CHSPE, contact your school district or visit the CHSPE Website.

The CHSPE Resource page provides a more detailed overview of the exam.

CHSPE Test Study Guide PDF

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