TACHS Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide [UPDATED]

TACHS Practice Test 2024 Study Guide [UPDATED]: The TACHS Catholic High School Entrance Exams: You can try our Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) review questions and answers for free. In addition, download a printable worksheet PDF for free for better TACHS Prep and CHSEE Prep.

The TACHS, or Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, is given in New York City and several other New York counties each year in November to eighth-graders seeking admission to specific Catholic high schools.


CHSEE team has partnered with the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Archdiocese of New York to use the same online Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) exam for all students. Registration details for the TACHS exam will be available on the CHSEE website, http://chsee.org/, beginning in the summer of 2022. The TACHS exam will be given on November 5, 2022.

TACHS Practice Test 2024

The following TACHS Practice Test 2022 can help you assess your knowledge and participate in your Catholic High School Entrance Exams-taking preparation. The free TACHS Practice Test is instantly scored without the need to register.

TACHS Reading Practice Test 2024

TACHS Language Practice Test 2024

TACHS Math and Ability Practice Test 2024

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The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS) will test eighth-grade students interested in attending a Catholic high school beginning in September 2024. Students must take an admissions examination in November 2022 to be admitted.

Test Name TACHS
Purpose 8th-grade students seeking entrance into a Catholic high school in the 9th grade
Registration Process Online
Test mode Online
Exam Fees $65.00
Requirements current eighth-grade students only
Total Items 200 (MCQs)
Time Limit 2.30 hrs
Negative Marking No

The high schools use the exam results to decide whether to admit applicants and to group prospective ninth-grade students into classes. The test measures academic achievement in reading, language arts, and mathematics and assesses general reasoning skills.

The results from that examination, school records, and other information are then sent to the high school principals to assist them in making admission decisions. Each student’s data will be sent to three high schools of his/her choice. Results also will be sent to the Catholic elementary schools within the Archdiocese of New York, the Diocese of Brooklyn/ Queens, or the Diocese of Rockville Centre (Long Island).

Exam Content

The TACHS includes four subtests and lasts about two and a half hours. The subtests are Reading (testing vocabulary and reading comprehension), Language (testing spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and usage/expression), Math (testing concepts, estimation, problem-solving, and data interpretation), and Ability (testing abstract reasoning).

The TACHS contains about 200 multiple-choice questions. Most questions have four answer choices: A, B, C, D (odd-numbered questions) or J, K, L, and M (even-numbered questions). Ability questions and some Language and Math questions have five answer choices: A, B, C, D, E (odd-numbered questions) or J, K, L, M, N (even-numbered questions). A separate answer sheet is provided to fill in your answer choices. Be careful when filling in the answer bubbles—be sure you’re filling in the bubbles for the correct subtest.

You will have space for scratch work (except for Math estimation questions); use this to your advantage when working through problems. Cross off answer choices as you eliminate them, circle problems you decide to skip and come back to, write out a mathematics problem as you solve it, or underline important information that helps you answer a question.

Like the HSPT, the TACHS intends to remain relatively stable from year to year, with four subtests—Reading, Language, Math, and Ability—each having several sections. Depending on the precise number of questions of each type, you can expect the timing to be something like this:

Sections Items Time Limit (Minutes)
Reading: Vocabulary 20 10
Reading: Comprehension 30 25
Language: Spelling, Capitalization, Punctuation, and Usage/Expression 40 23
Language: Paragraphs 10 7
Math: Concepts, Data Interpretation, and Problem Solving 32 33
Math: Estimation 18 7
Ability: Similarities and Changes 40 25
Ability: Abstract Reasoning 10 7

There is no wrong answer penalty. That means you should answer every question on the test, even if you do no know the correct answer.

TACHS Scoring

You will receive one point for every question you answer correctly on the TACHS. This is your raw score, which is tallied and then converted to a scaled score according to a formula determined by the test developers. Converting raw scores to scaled scores allows schools to compare a student’s performance on one part of the exam with his or her performance on other parts that may have included a greater or lesser number of questions. Finally, scaled scores are reported as a percentile rank. Percentile rank shows where students stand in relationship to one another on various sections and the test.

TACHS Exam Study Guide

Try the best TACHS Practice Test 2022 Study Guide or books online. But whichever test you take, the  TACHS, there are some important things you need to know that have nothing to do with vocabulary words or isosceles triangles. Namely, you need to know how to be a good test taker.

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