Accuplacer Practice Test 2022 Question Answers [PDF]

Accuplacer Practice Test 2022 Question Answers [PDF]: The most common tests given are College Board’s ACCUPLACER and ACT’s COMPASS, both of which are online, computer-adaptive, multiple-choice tests. Some colleges add computer-scored essay writing tests, including ACCUPLACER’s WritePlacer, and COMPASS’s e-Write.

Accuplacer Practice Test 2022 Question Answers [PDF]

ACCUPLACER (Reading, Writing, and Math)

  • Tests are not timed. Students should allow approximately 40 minutes to complete each test.
  • Students are allowed two retests within two years. One retest at least 24-hours or later and another retest three months or later.
  • Scores are valid for two years.
  • Students are encouraged to review the study guides before testing.
  • All tests must be completed ten minutes before closing.

Reading Comprehension — 20 Questions

The first type consists of a reading passage followed by a question based on the text. Both short and long passages are provided. The reading passages can also be classified according to the kind of information processing required including explicit statements related to the main idea, explicit statements related to a secondary idea, application, and inference.

The second type of question, sentence relationships, presents two sentences followed by a question about the relationship between these two sentences. The question may ask, for example, if the statement in the second sentence supports that in the first, if it contradicts it, or if it repeats the same information.

Written Essay – 300 to 600 Words and the six characteristics below

Your writing sample will be scored on the basis of how effectively it communicates a whole message to the readers for the stated purpose. Your score will be based on your ability to express, organize, and support your opinions and
ideas, not the position you take on the essay topic. The following six characteristics of writing will be considered:

Focus—The clarity with which you maintain your main idea or point of view Organization—The clarity with which you structure your response and present a logical sequence of ideas

Development and Support—The extent to which you elaborate on your ideas and the extent to which you present supporting details

Sentence Structure—The effectiveness of your sentence structure Mechanical Conventions—The extent to which your writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics

Critical Thinking—The extent to which you communicate a point of view and
demonstrate reasoned relationships among ideas.

Arithmetic Test – 17 Questions

This test only provides placement into Arithmetic (082) or Beginning Algebra (090 or 092). Students hoping to place into a higher-level course should take either the Elementary or College Algebra Test. We only recommend taking this test if you have already taken the Elementary Algebra Test, were placed into MAT 082, you feel that you have enough arithmetic skills to be successful in a high-level course.

Elementary Algebra Test – 12 Questions

This test is provided placement into Arithmetic (082), Beginning Algebra (090 or 092), Intermediate Algebra (120 or 121), Math Concepts (112) or College Math (MAT141 or 142). We recommend that you take this test if more than a year has passed since you last completed a math class or if you feel you should place it into one of the above classes.

College Level Algebra Test – 20 Questions

This test is necessary for placement into College Algebra (150 or 151) or higher. We recommend you take this test if you recently took Algebra II in high school and received a grade of A or B or if you feel you should place into College Algebra or higher.

Accuplacer Practice Test 2022 [PDF]

Accuplacer Practice Test 2020 Question Answers Test Prep Review: Download free printable and editable PDF. Download Reading, Writing, and Math by the college board.


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