AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2023 (PDF) Worksheet

AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2023 (PDF) Worksheet: Our Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) Verbal Analogies Question Answers with explanation is in worksheet mode for your better practice. In the actual test, the Verbal Analogies section-time duration is 8 minutes only, and consists of 25 questions. This meant to evaluate the test taker’s skills with English, and how words can be used to establish assertions or illustrate certain principles (such as time or comparisons).

AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2023

Test Name AFOQT Practice Test
Section Verbal Analogies
Topics Analogies
Total Questions 25 MCQs
Time Limit 8 minutes
Question Type Sample Questions SET 2
Explanation Available
Printable PDF Available
Directions: Find a relationship between the first two words in each question. To complete the analogy, choose the answer that shows a similar relationship.
Q1. Vision is to lens as
  • (A) hospital is to doctor
  • (B) crutch is to legs
  • (C) walking is to paralysis
  • (D) doctor is to paralysis
  • (E) mobility is to crutches
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 Answer: E .
Q2. Bus is to road as
  • (A) wheel is to street
  • (B) steel is to rails
  • (C) locomotive is to track
  • (D) locomotive is to steam
  • (E) train is to car
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 Answer: C .
A BUS travels along a ROAD; a LOCOMOTIVE moves on a TRACK.
Q3. Year is to July as
  • (A) week is to month
  • (B) day is to week
  • (C) month is to century
  • (D) millimeter is to centimeter
  • (E) meter is to centimete
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 Answer: E.
YEAR is the whole; JULY is the part; METER is the whole; CENTIMETER is the part. All other part-whole relationships are reversed..
Q4.Resignation is to sigh as
  • (A) hope is to wish
  • (B) faith is to pray
  • (C) surprise is to gasp
  • (D) terror is to fear
  • (E) startle is to surprise
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 Answer: C.
A SIGH is a kind of breath that expresses RESIGNATION; a GASP is a kind of breath that expresses SURPRISE.
Q5. Lincoln is to Nebraska as
  • (A) Washington is to Oregon
  • (B) New York is to Kentucky
  • (C) Chicago is to New York
  • (D) Trenton is to New Jersey
  • (E) Oregon is to Portland
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 Answer: D.
LINCOLN is the capital of NEBRASKA; TRENTON is the capital of NEW JERSEY.
Q6. Pencil is to sharpen as
  • (A) knife is to cut
  • (B) carpenter is to build
  • (C) wood is to saw
  • (D) well is to fill
  • (E) saw is to ax
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 Answer: C.
Q7. Finger is to hand as
  • (A) arm is to sleeve
  • (B) shoe is to foot
  • (C) strand is to hair
  • (D) blouse is to skirt
  • (E) leg is to foot
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 Answer: C.
A FINGER is part of a HAND; a STRAND of hair is part of a head of HAIR.
Q8. Convex is to concave as
  • (A) hill is to hole
  • (B) in is to within
  • (C) round is to square
  • (D) nose is to mouth
  • (E) under is to beneath
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 Answer: A.
CONVEX, an outward curve, is the antonym of CONCAVE, an indented curve. Similarly, HILL and HOLE are antonyms.
Q9. Cow is to milk as
  • (A) rat is to cheese
  • (B) bee is to honey
  • (C) bird is to wing
  • (D) cat is to dog
  • (E) cat is to fish
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 Answer: B .
COWS produce MILK; BEES produce HONEY.
Q10. Exercise is to reduce as
  • (A) grumble is to resign
  • (B) snow is to freeze
  • (C) spending is to save
  • (D) luck is to win
  • (E) run is to race
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 Answer: D.
EXERCISE aids weight REDUCTION; LUCK is an aid to WINNING.
Q11. Mountain is to peak as
  • (A) hole is to hill
  • (B) storm is to ocean
  • (C) tide is to ocean
  • (D) storm is to hurricane
  • (E) wave is to crest
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 Answer: E.
A PEAK is the top part of a MOUNTAIN; a CREST is the top of a WAVE.
Q12. Food is to body as
  • (A) fuel is to engine
  • (B) bat is to ball
  • (C) kite is to tail
  • (D) mechanic is to engine
  • (E) gasoline is to oil
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 Answer: A.
FOOD enables a BODY to do work; FUEL, such as gasoline, enables an ENGINE to work in a similar way.
Q13. Pressure is to barometer as
  • (A) centimeter is to meter
  • (B) speedometer is to distance
  • (C) meter is to perimeter
  • (D) comptometer is to comptroller
  • (E) temperature is to thermometer
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 Answer: E.
Q14. Famine is to abundance as
  • (A) hunger is to starvation
  • (B) squalor is to starvation
  • (C) poverty is to wealth
  • (D) famine is to hunger
  • (E) wealth is to riches
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 Answer: C.
The words in each pair are antonyms..
Q15. Study is to studiously as
  • (A) work is to learning
  • (B) play is to playfully
  • (C) book is to bookish
  • (D) habit is to habitual
  • (E) teach is to teacher
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 Answer: B .
STUDIOUSLY is the adverb form of the verb STUDY; PLAYFULLY is the adverb form of the verb PLAY.
Q16. Discard is to delete as
  • (A) attach is to detach
  • (B) contagious is to spread
  • (C) farther is to far
  • (D) alter is to revise
  • (E) tear is to mend
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 Answer: D.
The words in each pair are synonyms.
Q17. Reject is to aversion as
  • (A) think is to consider
  • (B) ponder is to desire
  • (C) impose is to act
  • (D) content is to change
  • (E) choose is to preference
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 Answer: E.
Having an AVERSION to something may cause one to REJECT it; a PREFERENCE causes one to CHOOSE it.
Q18. Measles is to disease as
  • (A) felony is to crime
  • (B) measles is to mumps
  • (C) felony is to misdemeanor
  • (D) crime is to law
  • (E) law is to judge
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 Answer: A.
MEASLES is a kind of DISEASE; a FELONY is a kind of CRIME.
Q19. Occasional is to constant as
  • (A) intermittent is to incessant
  • (B) intramural is to inconsistent
  • (C) frequent is to incessant
  • (D) inadvertent is to accidental
  • (E) infrequent is to irregular
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 Answer: A .
The words in each pair are antonyms.
Q20. Active is to mobile as
  • (A) mobile is to immobile
  • (B) inflammable is to extinguished
  • (C) sedentary is to immobile
  • (D) sensational is to movement
  • (E) immobile is to movement
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 Answer: C.
The word ACTIVE is associated with MOBILITY, or movement; SEDENTARY is associated with IMMOBILITY, or lack of movement.
Q21. Eliminate is to optional as
  • (A) maintain is to option
  • (B) retain is to essential
  • (C) option is to opportunity
  • (D) sequential is to order
  • (E) delete is to amend
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 Answer: B .
An OPTIONAL item may be ELIMINATED; an ESSENTIAL one must be kept, or RETAINED.
Q22. Allude is to refer as
  • (A) illusion is to reality
  • (B) similar is to disparate
  • (C) imply is to state
  • (D) conclude is to infer
  • (E) guess is to know
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 Answer: C .
The words in each pair have similar meanings.
Q23. Plane is to charter as
  • (A) worker is to use
  • (B) assistant is to appoint
  • (C) person is to hire
  • (D) manager is to salary
  • (E) lawyer is to judge
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 Answer: C.
Charter means to hire; CHARTER a PLANE, HIRE a PERSON.
Q24. Superscript is to subscript as
  • (A) export is to expert
  • (B) introvert is to convert
  • (C) impede is to intercede
  • (D) subscription is to prescription
  • (E) introvert is to extrovert
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 Answer: E .
The prefixes SUPER- and SUB- have opposite meanings; similarly, INTRO- and EXTRO- are antonyms.
Q25. Complement is to compliment as
  • (A) wonder is to wander
  • (B) surfeit is to surface
  • (C) interface is to surface
  • (D) style is to stile
  • (E) effect is to affect
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 Answer: E.
The words of each pair have related but different meanings and similar pronunciations but different spellings.

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