AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2024

AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2024. Our Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) Verbal Analogies Sample Question Answers with explanation is based on a standardized test similar to the SAT and ACT. You can download in printable PDF and can be also used as a worksheet for AFOQT test prep.

AFOQT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2024

Test Name AFOQT Practice Test
Section Verbal Analogies
Topics Analogies
Total Questions 25 MCQs
Time Limit 8 minutes
Question Type Sample Questions
Explanation Available
Printable PDF Available
Directions: Find a relationship between the first two words in each question. To complete the analogy, choose the answer that shows a similar relationship.

Q1. Thanksgiving is to November as Christmas is to

  • (A) Santa Claus
  • (B) holiday
  • (C) snow
  • (D) Jingle Bells
  • (E) December
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 Answer: E.

Q2. Remember is to forget as find is to

  • (A) locate
  • (B) keep
  • (C) lose
  • (D) return
  • (E) watch
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 Answer: C.
This is an antonym relationship.

Q3. Ship is to anchor as automobile is to

  • (A) brake
  • (B) wheel
  • (C) stop
  • (D) accelerator
  • (E) car
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 Answer: A .
ANCHORS stop SHIPS; BRAKES stop AUTOMOBILES. The second word in each pair is the part used to stop the first noun. 

Q4. End is to abolish as begin is to

  • (A) establish
  • (B) finish
  • (C) tyranny
  • (D) crusade
  • (E) monarchy
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 Answer: A .
The words in each pair are synonyms. 

Q5. Wood is to decay as iron is to

  • (A) dampness
  • (B) rod
  • (C) steel
  • (D) ore
  • (E) rust
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 Answer: E.
WOOD DECAYS; IRON RUSTS. The first word in each pair is a noun. The second is a verb that relates to the first. 

Q6. Month is to week as week is to

  • (A) month
  • (B) hour
  • (C) year
  • (D) day
  • (E) calendar
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 Answer: D.
A WEEK is part of a MONTH; a DAY is part of a WEEK. 

Q7. Flour is to wheat as gravel is to

  • (A) brick
  • (B) road
  • (C) coal
  • (D) bread
  • (E) rock
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 Answer: E.
FLOUR is ground WHEAT; GRAVEL is broken ROCK.

Q8. Attack is to protect as offense is to

  • (A) combat
  • (B) defense
  • (C) conceal
  • (D) reconcile
  • (E) battle
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 Answer: B.
The words in each pair are antonyms.

Q9. Divide is to multiply as subtract is to

  • (A) plus
  • (B) reduce
  • (C) multiply
  • (D) add
  • (E) take away
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 Answer: D.
The words in each pair are antonyms. 

Q10. Mine is to my as yours is to

  • (A) you
  • (B) ours
  • (C) your
  • (D) you’re
  • (E) us
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 Answer: C.
Each pair contains similar possessive pronouns. 

Q11. Glasses is to vision as

  • (A) glass is to mirror
  • (B) light is to vision
  • (C) eating is to fork
  • (D) hand is to object
  • (E) drink is to water
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 Answer: B.
GLASSES and LIGHT enhance a person’s VISION. 

Q12. Flame is to burn as

  • (A) insult is to anger
  • (B) glass is to crack
  • (C) birth is to life
  • (D) sun is to orbit
  • (E) plant is to grow
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 Answer: A.
A FLAME may cause a BURN; an INSULT may cause ANGER.

Q13. Look is to see as

  • (A) illuminate is to light
  • (B) audition is to speak
  • (C) think is to guess
  • (D) follow is to lead
  • (E) listen is to hear
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 Answer: E.
SEEING is the result of LOOKING; HEARING is the result of LISTENING. 

Q14. Wolf is to pack as

  • (A) cow is to herd
  • (B) cattle is to farmer
  • (C) cow is to graze
  • (D) farmer is to farm
  • (E) flock is to geese
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 Answer: A.
WOLVES gather in PACKS; COWS gather in HERDS. 

Q15. Leave is to stay as depart is to

  • (A) home
  • (B) disembark
  • (C) run
  • (D) remain
  • (E) exit
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 Answer: D.
The words in each pair are antonyms.

Q16. . Car is to mechanic as people is to

  • (A) butcher
  • (B) lawyer
  • (C) spouse
  • (D) doctor
  • (E) teacher
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 Answer: D.

Q17. Forest is to tree as crowd is to

  • (A) person
  • (B) alone
  • (C) men
  • (D) many
  • (E) crowded
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 Answer: A.
A TREE is one part of a FOREST; a PERSON is one part of a CROWD. 

Q18. Fiction is to novelist as fact is to

  • (A) legend
  • (B) story
  • (C) historian
  • (D) research
  • (E) essay
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 Answer: C.

Q19. Stranger is to strange as

  • (A) oddest is to odd
  • (B) artist is to artistic
  • (C) art is to artist
  • (D) satirist is to artist
  • (E) paint is to painter
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 Answer: B.
STRANGER is the noun form of the adjective STRANGE; ARTIST is the noun form of the adjective ARTISTIC.

Q20. Librarian is to library as

  • (A) school is to education
  • (B) office is to principal
  • (C) student is to school
  • (D) gymnasium is to workout
  • (E) teacher is to school
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 Answer: E.
A LIBRARIAN works in a LIBRARY; a TEACHER works in a SCHOOL.

Q21. Sickness is to health as death is to

  • (A) mortician
  • (B) skull
  • (C) old
  • (D) pirate
  • (E) life
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 Answer: E.
The words in each pair are antonyms. 

Q22. Inventor is to machine as author is to

  • (A) book
  • (B) poet
  • (C) creator
  • (D) computer
  • (E) artist
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 Answer: A.
New MACHINES are created by INVENTORS; new BOOKS are created by AUTHORS. 

Q23. Weight is to pound as distance is to

  • (A) liter
  • (B) mile
  • (C) ruler
  • (D) space
  • (E) race
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 Answer: B.
A POUND is a unit of WEIGHT; a MILE is a unit of DISTANCE.

Q24. Conceal is to reveal as ascend is to

  • (A) embark
  • (B) descend
  • (C) mount
  • (D) leave
  • (E) climb
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 Answer: B.
The words in each pair are antonyms.

25. Cape is to continent as

  • (A) ocean is to lake
  • (B) lake is to reservoir
  • (C) reservoir is to water
  • (D) gulf is to ocean
  • (E) river is to pond
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 Answer: D.
A CAPE is a geographical part of a CONTINENT; a GULF is part of an OCEAN.26.
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