CBEST Reading Practice Test 2023 Free Full Length Online Test

CBEST Reading Practice Test 2023 Free Full Length Online Test. You can also download a printable PDF with Answers. This is a California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®) exam Reading test.

Reading. This multiple-choice test determines your ability to read, comprehend, and evaluate passages, statements, or tables and answer questions based on the content of these passages. The reading passages are taken from various subject areas, but no prior knowledge of the topic is necessary to answer the questions. All questions are based on the content of the passage provided.

CBEST Reading Practice Test 2023

Test Prep for CBEST Test Prep
CBEST®) stands for California Basic Educational Skills Test™
Practice Test Content CBEST Reading Practice Test
Total Questions 50 (multiple-Choices)
Number of passages several
Time allowed 75 minutes
Test Score Yes, it Can be checked at the end of the test.
Printable PDF Available soon

CBEST Reading Test 1

Total Questions: 50

Time Limit: 75 minutes

Directions: A question or number of questions follows each of the statements or passages in this section. Using only the stated or implied information given in the statement or passage, answer the question or questions by choosing the best answer from among the five choices given. Make sure to mark you answers for this section on the Reading section of the answer sheet.

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