Logic Games Practice Test 2024 For LSAT/ LSAT Flex Exam

Logic Games Practice Test 2020 For LSAT/ LSAT Flex Exam 2024: This is a free law School Admission Test (LSAT)—analytical Reasoning/Logic Games Questions Answers Quiz. You can download a printable PDF for better LSAT exam prep or LSAT Flex Test prep online.

LSAT Logic Games Practice Test 2024

Directions: The questions in this section are divided into groups, each based on a set of conditions. For each question, choose the answer that is most accurate and complete. For some questions, you may wish to draw a rough diagram to help you select your response. Mark the corresponding space on your Answer Sheet.

Test Name LSAT Practice Test
Standard LSAT and LSAT Flex by LSAC
Type of Test Sample Practice Test
Total Question 24
Type of Question Multiple Choice
No. of choices Five (A to E)
Section Logic Games / Analytical Reasoning
Administered by Law School Admission Council
As lsac.org announced last October, they are replacing the Analytical Reasoning section (often called “logic games”) with a second scored Logical Reasoning section at the start of the 2024-2025 testing year. Starting with the August 2024 test, the LSAT will consist of
  • Two scored Logical Reasoning sections,
  • One scored Reading Comprehension section, and
  • One unscored Variable section of either LR or RC which we will use to field test questions for future use and ensure that every question is free from any form of bias.