ParaPro Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide [PDF]

ParaPro Practice Test 2024 with Study Guide [PDF]. Prepare for the ParaPro Assessment (1755) with this interactive practice test created by ETS test developers. The Praxis® tests measure the knowledge and skills you need to prepare for the classroom.

However, ParaPro Assessment interactive practice test provides easy online practice in a simulated test environment with authentic test questions that will help get you ready for test day; an optional test timer provides practice in a timed setting, practice test results for each content category, detailed explanations for correct answers to the practice questions.

What is the ETS ParaPro Assessment?

The ParaPro Assessment is one of the many tests you can take if you fulfill ESEA requirements by passing a standardized test. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) developed the test with the assistance of paraprofessionals and teachers who work with paraprofessionals.

The ParaPro Assessment measures the reading, writing, and math skills and knowledge of prospective and practicing paraprofessionals.

The ParaPro Assessment is NOT the only standardized test available. Many states and even school districts have developed their own standardized tests based on its contents.

ParaPro Assessment Test Details
Test Detail Information
Name of the Test ParaPro Assessment
Administered by ETS
Total Questions 90 (ninety)
Question Format Multiple-choice questions
Test Duration Two and a half hours (2.30 hrs)
Test Subjects Reading, writing, and math
Test Language English only
Fees $50

ParaPro Practice Test 2024

Our ParaPro Practice Test is modeled after the ParaPro Assessment at the end of this guide. The test structure and questions’ format are similar to those you will see when you take the test.

ParaPro Reading Practice Test (30 MCQs)

ParaPro Math Practice Test (30 MCQs)

ParaPro Writing Practice Test (30 MCQs)

The use of a calculator is not permitted. A good rule of thumb is to allow 50 minutes for each section (reading, mathematics, and writing).

ParaPro Test Prep

ETS has published a valuable online resource that you can use to supplement your other study materials. The Test at a Glance material contains the assessment’s detailed descriptions, including a content outline, the number of questions, and the format of these questions.

ParaPro Practice Test Sample questions and explanations of correct answers are provided to help you become familiar with various types of questions and appropriate answers. Spend some time going over this material. It can be an important part of your test preparation and help you decide how to pace yourself when you take the test.

The sample test questions in the Test at Glance materials are included to allow you to practice with particular types of questions. However, the sample items are limited in number and may not fully represent the range of content and difficulty you will encounter on the test.

The ETS Test at a Glance is available online, and a printable version can be downloaded by following the link found at

ParaPro Study Guide [PDF]

This ParaPro Assessment, interactive practice test, provides:

  • easy online practice in a simulated test environment
  • authentic test questions that will help get you ready for test day
  • an optional test timer provides practice in a timed setting
  • practice test results for each content category
  • detailed explanations for correct answers to the practice questions

Official ParaPro Assessment (1755), 90-Day Subscription Link

What test preparation is available?

ETS has developed an interactive ParaPro Practice Test to help test takers prepare for the Assessment. The free Study Companion (PDF) and other useful tips are also available.

What are the State and School District Requirements?

Each state establishes its qualifying score; the testing service does not establish a passing score. The following states have set a qualifying score for the ParaPro Assessment. Test takers must meet or exceed this qualifying score to pass the ParaPro Assessment.

Arizona 459
Arkansas 457
Connecticut 457
Delaware 459
Florida Consortium 464
Georgia 456
Idaho 460
Illinois 460
Kansas 455
South Carolina 456
Utah 460

View Full List:

Official score reports arrive by mail approximately 2–3 weeks after the test. A copy is also sent to the designated score recipient.

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