PERT Math Practice Test 2023 (Basic Question Answers)

PERT Math Practice Test 2020 (Basic Question Answers) 2023. Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) Florida’s Math Sample Practice Test with 30 Questions online. Our free PERT exam Math Practice Test will help you to make better PERT Test prep.

NOTE: The PERT test will not specifically test anything in this section but questions on the test will assume you know your basics in order to answer some of the algebra questions.

PERT Math Practice Test 2023

Test Name PERT Practice Test
Purpose Test your basic knowledge
Test Type Sample PERT Math Practice Test 1
Subject Mathematics
Total Question 30 (Multiple Choice Questions)
Time Duration 30 Minutes
Answers and Score YES
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PERT Practice Math Test 3

Total Questions: 30

Time Limit:  30 Minutes

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