SSAT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2024 (Printable PDF)

SSAT Verbal Analogies Practice Test 2024 (Printable PDF Worksheet). Our sample multiple-choice question answers Secondary School Admission Test prep better. This Verbal Analogies question format is based on Upper Level.

Verbal analogies are all about relationships. They test your ability to see a relationship between two words and to recognize a similar relationship between two other words.

Verbal analogy tests measure not only your understanding of the words themselves but also your mental flexibility and ability to manipulate the relationship.

SSAT Verbal Analogies Practice Test

An analogy can be written in several different ways. It may be written as a sentence, using only words, or symbols may be substituted for the connecting words. SSAT analogy questions use only words.

Test Name SSAT Practice Test 2024
Section Analogies
Topics Analogies
Total Questions 30
Time Limit 20 minutes
Question Type Sample Questions
Level Upper Level
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Q1. Winter is to summer as cold is to

  • (A) wet
  • (B) future
  • (C) hot
  • (D) freezing
  • (E) spring
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 Answer: C.
WINTER and SUMMER are opposites, or antonyms. The antonym for COLD is HOT

Q2. Spelling is to punctuation as biology is to

  • (A) science
  • (B) animals
  • (C) dissection
  • (D) chemistry
  • (E) experiment
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 Answer: D .
SPELLING and PUNCTUATION are two subjects studied in English. BIOLOGY and CHEMISTRY are two subjects studied in the field of science.

Q3. Enormous is to huge as muddy is to

  • (A) unclear
  • (B) clean
  • (C) rocky
  • (D) roguish
  • (E) sharp
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 Answer:  A.
. Something that is described as MUDDY is clouded, or UNCLEAR.

Q4. Good is to evil as

  • (A) suave is to blunt
  • (B) north is to climate
  • (C) hot is to temperature
  • (D) sorrow is to happiness
  • (E) angel is to devil
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 Answer: E .
ANGELis the opposite of DEVIL.

Q5. Snake is to reptile as

  • (A) patch is to thread
  • (B) hand is to clock
  • (C) hand is to finger
  • (D) struggle is to fight
  • (E) frog is to snake
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 Answer: B .
A SNAKE is part of the REPTILE family. A HAND is part of a CLOCK. Choice (C) also shows a similar relationship, but the words are given in the wrong order

Q6. Steak is to broil as

  • (A) food is to sell
  • (B) wine is to pour
  • (C) bread is to bake
  • (D) sugar is to spill
  • (E) water is to drink
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 Answer:  C.

Q7. Race is to fatigue as fast is to

  • (A) track
  • (B) rest
  • (C) run
  • (D) obesity
  • (E) hunger
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 Answer:  E .
Running a RACE may cause the runner FATIGUE. FASTING may cause HUNGER.

Q8. Cow is to milk as bee is to

  • (A) honey
  • (B) drone
  • (C) nest
  • (D) wasp
  • (E) sting
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 Answer: A .
A COW produces MILK; a BEE produces HONE

Q9. Glove is to ball as

  • (A) hook is to fish
  • (B) winter is to weather
  • (C) game is to pennant
  • (D) stadium is to seats
  • (E) ball is to bat
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 Answer: A .
A GLOVE is used in baseball to catch a BALL. When fishing, a HOOK is used to catch a FISH.

Q10. Young is to lamb as

  • (A) ram is to ewe
  • (B) old is to mutton
  • (C) lamb is to chop
  • (D) wool is to shear
  • (E) cow is to calf
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 Answer:  B .
The meat of YOUNG sheep is called LAMB. The meat of OLD sheep is called MUTTON.

Q11. Tangled is to knot as

  • (A) snarled is to rope
  • (B) crumpled is to wrinkle
  • (C) mussed is to hair
  • (D) empty is to cup
  • (E) canned is to preserves
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 Answer: B.
This is a “part of the definition of” analogy. Part of the definition of a knot is that it is something tangled. Likewise, part of the definition of a wrinkle is that it is something crumpled. Don’t be misled by choice (A). Although snarled is similar in meaning to tangled, a rope does not
have to be snarled.

Q12. Ice is to glacier as

  • (A) train is to trestle
  • (B) sand is to dune
  • (C) path is to forest
  • (D) feather is to bird
  • (E) ocean is to ship
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 Answer:  B.
Only choice (B) exhibits the same relationship as the original pair. If you can’t come up with a sentence relating ICE to GLACIER, try relating GLACIER to ICE: A glacier is made up of ice

SSAT Verbal Analogies Practice

Directions: Look at the first two words and decide how they are related to each other. Then decide which of the answer choices relate to the third word in the same way that the first two are related.

Q13. Mow is to lawn as prune is to

  • (A) plum
  • (B) raisin
  • (C) tree
  • (D) hair
  • (E) meadow
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 Answer:  C.

Q14. Antecedent is to precedent as consequent is to

  • (A) decadent
  • (B) subsequent
  • (C) ebullient
  • (D) transient
  • (E) peniten
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 Answer: B .

Q15. Bassinet is to crib as car is to

  • (A) bus
  • (B) airplane
  • (C) stroller
  • (D) bed
  • (E) taxicab
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 Answer:  .

Q16. Restaurant is to eating as barracks is to

  • (A) cleaning
  • (B) military
  • (C) inspection
  • (D) nutrition
  • (E) sleeping

Q17. Flame is to fire as smoke is to

  • (A) heat
  • (B) ashes
  • (C) water
  • (D) fire
  • (E) match
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 Answer:  D.

Q18. Bludgeon is to spear as lathe is to

  • (A) vise
  • (B) carpenter
  • (C) battle
  • (D) curve
  • (E) construction
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 Answer:  A.

Q19. Risk is to escapade as age is to

  • (A) hilarity
  • (B) intemperance
  • (C) luminosity
  • (D) mayhem
  • (E) heirloom
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 Answer:  E.

Q20. Asset is to black as debit is to

  • (A) debt
  • (B) red
  • (C) blue
  • (D) left
  • E) ledger
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 Answer: B .

Q21. Darkness is to eclipse as tidal wave is to

  • (A) tsunami
  • (B) eruption
  • (C) ocean
  • (D) beach
  • (E) earthquake
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 Answer:  E.

Q22. Hen is to brood as mother is to

  • (A) family
  • (B) chickens
  • (C) children
  • (D) shoe
  • (E) mom
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 Answer: C .

Q23. Flood is to drought as

  • (A) rich is to poor
  • (B) camel is to desert
  • (C) drizzle is to downpour
  • (D) evening is to night
  • (E) gold is to silver
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 Answer:  A.

Q24. Voracious is to gluttonous as

  • (A) hungry is to thirsty
  • (B) warm is to hot
  • (C) potent is to strong
  • (D) flight is to fight
  • (E) yard is to meter
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 Answer: C  .

Q25.  Hurricane is to wind as

  • (A) wind is to water
  • (B) typhoon is to wind
  • (C) tornado is to twister
  • (D) tornado is to typhoon
  • (E) hurricane is to typhoon
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 Answer:  B.

Q26. Dung is to elephant as

  • (A) horse is to manure
  • (B) fish is to food
  • (C) worm is to soil
  • (D) oxygen is to tree
  • (E) aquarium is to terrarium
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 Answer: D .

Q27. Centipede is to spider as

  • (A) pentagon is to triangle
  • (B) rowboat is to sailboat
  • (C) BC is to AD
  • (D) percussion is to string
  • (E) duet is to trio
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 Answer: A .

Q28. Head is to hammer as

  • (A) tooth is to saw
  • (B) nail is to screw
  • (C) awl is to punch
  • (D) screw is to driver
  • (E) beginning is to end
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 Answer: A  .

Q29. Anthem is to inspire as

  • (A) aspirin is to pain
  • (B) light is to see
  • (C) organ is to grind
  • (D) ape is to copy
  • (E) shuttle is to transport
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 Answer: E .

Q30. Hook is to eye as

  • (A) sleeve is to coat
  • (B) button is to hole
  • (C) boot is to shoe
  • (D) adhesive is to tape
  • (E) honey is to bear
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 Answer:  B.

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