PSAT Writing and Language Test 2022 Question Answer

PSAT Writing and Language Test 2022 Question Answer: There is 15 multiple choice question with no time limit. You can also download a printable PDF for Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test preparation.

PSAT Writing and Language Test 2022

Test Name New PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10
Actual Reading Test Questions 35
Actual Reading Test Duration 44 Minutes
Our Test Type  Writing and Language Practice Test 3
No. of Questions 15
Total Passages One
PDF Available YES (printable)
Answers and Explanation Yes Both

Passage  I—The   Internet  Revolution In today’s world, when a question needs to be answered, information needs to be located,

or people contacted,1 the first place people turn to is often the Internet. The Internet has supplanted the traditional encyclopedia. As2 well as a number of other sources of service and information. We can make reservations, plan vacations, play interaction3 games, learn a language, listen to music or radio programs, read the newspaper, and find out about a medical condition, without coming face-to-face with another person. There’s no limits4 to the subject matter you can research on the Internet.

The Internet allows you to remain at your computer and shop no matter5 what you wish to purchase. If you are looking for a bargain or an unusual item, you can go to a popular auction site and either sell or buy. But if you do wish to speak directly to a person, there are chat rooms. On practically any given topic, groups of people converse with each other.6 They may

be giving opinions about a perfect travel itinerary, a book, or even a political party. But per- haps7 the widest use of the Internet involves directly writing to someone in8 sending e-mail messages to friends and associates. It is possible to communicate instantly with anyone, any- where, as long as there is an Internet connection. Added to9 verbal messages, digital pictures may be transmitted on the Internet.

(1) Unfortunately, there are individuals who misuse the opportunity10 possible on the (2) They are less than honest, disguise their identity, bilk people in financial scams, and entice them into giving them11 personal information. (3) They steal people’s identities and use their credit and good names to make purchases, apply for loans, and steal assets. (4) Of course, the Internet providers hope to make money, and there is usually a monthly fee for the hookup. (5) To increase the12 profits, the providers sell advertising, which may pop up on the subscriber’s screens13 and require the user to stop and respond, either positively or negatively, to the ads. (6) This can be quite a nuisance at times. (7) When you consider that you can hear a concert, read a book, visit a museum and view its contents, visit the websites of numerous individuals and organizations, play a game with one or more people, and pay your bills, you will realize that the uses of the Internet is14 too vast for a shortlist. (8) Most would agree that much has been added to people’s lives by connecting them to the Internet and that we probably cannot anticipate what new purposes will be explored in the future.


  • (B) people needs contacting,
  • (C) people need to be contacted,
  • (D) are people who need contacting,
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 Answer: C

None of the other choices provides proper structure and grammar  


  • (B) encyclopedia; as
  • (C) encyclopedia, as
  • (D) encyclopedia. Also as
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 Answer:  C

This properly connects the independent and dependent clauses.  


  • (B) interacting
  • (C) with interaction
  • (D) interactive
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 Answer: D

The adjective form properly modifies the plural noun games.  


  • (B) limitations
  • (C) limiting
  • (D) limit
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 Answer: D

There’s contracts there is, and limit agrees with the singular is. 


  • (B) your computer, and shop no matter
  • (C) your computer and shop, no matter
  • (D) your computer, and shop, no matter
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 Answer: C

This is the proper placement for the necessary comma.  


  • (B) groups of people converse amongst each
  • (C) groups of people
  • (D) groups of people can converse with each other.
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 Answer: C

This is the proper placement for the necessary comma.  


  • (B) Perhaps
  • (C) And perhaps
  • (D) Or perhaps
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 Answer: B

There is no need for a conjunction here.  


  • (B) and
  • (C) by
  • (D) with
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 Answer: C

This is the proper choice of preposition.  


  • (B) As well
  • (C) Also
  • (D) In addition to
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 Answer:  D

This is the proper phrasing.  


  • (B) is an individual who misuses the opportunity
  • (C) are individuals who misuse the opportunity’s
  • (D) are individuals who misuse the opportunities
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 Answer: D

Both the individuals and the opportunities are plural. 


  • (B) them into giving others
  • (C) others into giving them
  • (D) others into giving others
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 Answer: C

The same object pronoun cannot be used to identify both groups. The two different groups must be distinguished—others are the people being bilked, and them refers to the scammers.  


  • (B) those
  • (C) their
  • (D) one’s
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 Answer: C

There are no specific profits previously mentioned that the definite article the can refer to. Instead, the possessive should be used to identify the profits.


  • (B) subscriber screen
  • (C) subscriber’s screen
  • (D) subscribers’ screen
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 Answer: C

The correct interpretation of the sentence is that the individual subscriber has an individual screen, thus the possessive subscriber’s screen.  


  • (B) was
  • (C) are
  • (D) were
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 Answer: C
The verb are must agree with the uses, not the Internet. 

15. The writer wants to create a distinct concluding He should

  • (A) write and attach an additional paragraph discussing the future of the
  • (B) begin the conclusion with sentence 5 of the current final
  • (C) begin the conclusion with sentence 6 of the current final
  • (D) begin the conclusion with sentence 7 of the current final paragraph
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 Answer: D

Sentence 7 changes topic and begins to discuss the many uses of the Internet. This parallels the introduction and would be suitable
for the beginning of a conclusion.  

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