PSAT Writing and Language Test 2021 (New PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 Exam)

PSAT Writing and Language Test 2021 (New PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 Exam): There is 15 multiple choice question with no time limit. You can also download printable PDF for Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test preparation.

PSAT Writing and Language Test 2021

Test Name New PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10
Actual Reading Test Questions 35
Actual Reading Test Duration 44 Minutes
Our Test Type  Writing and Language Practice Test 1
No. of Questions 15
Total Passages One
PDF Available YES (printable)
Answers and Explanation Yes Both

Passage I—My Childhood

I grew up in a large family, as being1 the oldest of six siblings, and I have many wonderful memories from my childhood. I am very close to most of my siblings and I treasure my relationships with them. But when I have had2 my own family someday, it won’t be as big as the one I grew up in. As much as my large family was full of love, and as much as I learned about sharing, giving, and patience, I think having too many kids strains the parents and the oldest child, both in terms of emotion and money.3

When I think back on my early years with my family, I remember playing with my siblings and grandparents. (2) However, I4 don’t remember spending a whole lot of time with my mother and father. (3) They were always around, but they were always (4) My mother was always cooking, cleaning, nurs- ing, changing a diaper, shopping, or had to take5 someone to baseball practice, and my father was always working. (5) He needed over- time whenever he could get it; and weekends6were always full of projects around the house.

(6) Money was also a constant worry for my family. (7) With so many children, our budget was always tight. (8) Back-to-school shopping was always a stressful time as we7 all wanted the latest fashions, but we could only get a few things. My younger siblings lived in hand-me- downs. We shopped at bargain stores and often got clothes that we didn’t really like simply because they were on sale and cheap.8 Our house always needed repairs, and there was never enough money to keep up.

And yet another9 problem with large families is that the older siblings always end up being a babysitter.10 Like it or not (and most of the time I didn’t like it), I had to watch my younger brothers and sisters. At age six, I could change a diaper like a pro. I was getting my brothers and sisters dressed, giving them breakfast, and helped them get ready for bed.11 I don’t want to give the impression that I didn’t have a happy childhood; I most definitely did. I was loved as much as my parents could love me, and I have had12 wonderful fun with my broth- ers and sisters. But I always wanted a little more time with Mom and Dad, and I often resented having so much responsibility. I wished my mom wasn’t always so tired and my dad didn’t have to work so much. Because I want to be there more for my kids, because I want13 them to be kids throughout their childhood, I plan to have a much smaller family.

B. family, was
C. family, I was
D. family as

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 Answer: D

This is the proper punctuation and word choice

B. will have
C. had
D. have

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 Answer: D

This properly puts the sentence into the future. 

B. in terms of both emotion and money.
C. both emotionally and financially.
D. both in emotion and money.

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 Answer: C

Using the adverb creates the clearest phrasing. 

B. However I
C. But,
D. I however

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 Answer: A

No change is necessary. 

B. needed to
C. had to bring
D. taking

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 Answer: D

This creates a parallel structure to the other verbs used in progressive form.

B. it, and weekends
C. it, weekends
D. it and weekends

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 Answer: B

This properly connects two independent clauses.

B. time; we
C. time: we
D. time. As we

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 Answer: B

This is the proper use of a semicolon between two independent clauses.

B. simply because they were on sale, and cheap.
C. simply for they were on sale and cheap.
D. simply, because they were on sale and cheap.

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 Answer: A

The sentence is fine as it is. 

B. And, yet another
C. Yet, another
D. Another

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 Answer: D

There is no need for anything additional. 

B. a babysitter.
C. being babysitters.
D. as a babysitter.

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 Answer: C

The plural siblings end up as babysitters, also plural.

B. and I helped them get ready for bed.
C. and helping them get ready for bed.
D. helped them get ready for bed.

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 Answer: C

This is the proper parallel structure 

B. would have
C. was having
D. had

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 Answer: D

The simple past is the proper tense here. 

B. and because I want
C. I want
D. and for

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 Answer: B

The conjunction and properly connects the wo clauses.

14. The writer wishes to separate the second paragraph into two paragraphs. The best place to do so would be between
A. sentences 4 and 5.
B. sentences 5 and 6.
C. sentences 6 and 7.
D. sentences 7 and 8.

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 Answer: B

Sentence 6 introduces a new topic—money. 

15. The writer wishes to change the title of this passage to “Family.” This change
A. should not be made. The passage contains more of the writer’s thoughts about childhood than about family.
B. should not be made. The title is unimportant.
C. should be made. The passage contains more of the writer’s thoughts about family than about childhood.
D. should be made. The title should not be longer than one word.

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 Answer: C

While the writer’s childhood is referenced, it is in the context of thoughts on family size.

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